1735 The Legal Battle Between Lanxin and T-K

    Chapter 1735: The Legal Battle Between Lanxin and T-K

    News of the legal battle between T-K Group and Lanxin Company had the media and the public all astir.

    Si Yiyan hired a legal team that was world-famous for their commercial infringement cases. They possessed outstanding corporate professionalism and legal skills.

    The case would be going to court soon. Si Yiyan was just holding one final meeting with them. “I have gone through your legal strategy and you have done very well. But it is still not perfect enough.”

    The legal team’s strategy proposal was placed right in front of Si Yiyan.

    One of the lawyers felt rather chagrined. “Mr. Si, may I know which part of our strategy are you unsatisfied with?”

    They had conducted an extremely meticulous research before coming up with this legal strategy. It was the most perfect proposal as of now.

    They were confident that they would definitely be able to defeat T-K Group with this strategy.

    The other members of the legal team agreed. “Mr. Si, do enlighten us!”

    That man may be very powerful and fearsome, but they were confident that no one could surpass them in terms of legal expertise.

    Si Yiyan was displeased with their challenging tone. “Your legal argument is based on evidence that Lanxin Company currently has on hand. It is very convincing, but I have two questions.”

    He paused.

    The legal team waited for him to continue.

    A sharp glint flashed across Si Yiyan’s slanted eyes.

    “Firstly, how much do you understand about the defendant’s lawyers?

    “Secondly, do you know what is the winning factor that the defendant’s lawyers hold in this court case?”

    Those two questions were a direct hit to the core of the matter, and everyone at present was dumbstruck.

    Si Yiyan gently rubbed his engagement ring and continued, “Good, it seems like you have realized what you have overlooked.”

    Si Yiyan’s words were a complete shock to the arrogant legal team.

    “To my knowledge, the defendant’s lawyers are a team that has serviced T-K Group for many years. They may not be as famous as you, but they have a winning factor: they know T-K Group inside out.

    “They are well-known for pushing the legal boundaries and playing their opponents right to the edge. They know T-K Group so well that it will be effortless for them. If you observe all the past cases T-K Group has fought over the years, you will realize this is their main strategy. Many famous lawyers have been caught unawares by their tactics.”

    Si Yiyan gently tapped on his keyboard to send the relevant information to them.

    The lawyers were all stunned after reading the information. “They are indeed very formidable opponents.”

    They gathered together in a fierce discussion.

    After this little hiccup, the rest of the meeting progressed quite smoothly.

    “I made an analysis of the defendant’s legal team. Everyone can take a look for reference.” Si Yiyan sent the information over.

    His analysis was not overly-complicated but was simple and to the point. However, every word was a gem of wisdom. The legal team was completely in awe of him.

    “Combine this with your legal strategy, and we can tweak the arguments accordingly.”

    Following that, he offered a number of suggestions that had the lawyers fully convinced of his prowess.

    This was a high-level legal tactic!

    He was even more adept than them in manipulating legal loopholes. He had pointed out all the ways the defendant’s lawyers could attack them and even came up with perfect countermeasures.

    They were professionals who had been practicing law for years but failed to spot all that.

    Everyone was astounded by the revelation that international law could be played in this manner!

    They were completely dazed.


    Wen Xinya looked at the elegant man clad in a gray shirt sitting in front of her. He appeared rather languid but also very confident of controlling the situation.

    Even though he was faced with a bunch of highly experienced and knowledgeable lawyers, he was still able to easily take hold of the situation, and make them all cow under his formidable aura.

    Wen Xinya couldn’t help recalling something that had happened years ago.

    One of the leaders at Jiayuan Club had stirred up some trouble. Si Yiyan picked a book from his bookshelf and smacked him on the head with it. “International law, page 211, line 24. Read it to me.”

    That leader had flipped open the book with trembling hands. Wen Xinya clearly recalled that scene.

    Thereafter, she found out that Si Yiyan had gained a Ph.D. in international law via self-learning. He had already memorized everything in that impossibly thick book.

    He wasn’t the only one who had a deep knowledge of international law. All those under him and of a certain rank also knew international law like the back of their hands.

    For example, Xu Xianghu.

    She couldn’t help smirking. For someone like him, how could he so easily toe the line between black and white if he wasn’t well-versed in legal matters?

    Si Yiyan and the lawyers continued their discussion, and Wen Xinya felt quite dizzy from all the legal terms thrown around. She mouthed to Si Yiyan. “You all go ahead with the discussion. I will leave first.”

    Si Yiyan made an “okay” sign.

    Wen Xinya went to brew some tea and prepared a plate of fruit for Si Yiyan. She brought everything to the study.

    Si Yiyan leaned back in his chair as he gazed at her with traces of a smile on his lips.

    Wen Xinya suddenly felt very flustered under his intense gaze. She hurriedly turned and left the room.


    Bored, the future Mrs. Si went to the bathroom and glanced into the laundry basket, which held his recently-worn clothes. She suddenly felt a pang of guilt. She had known Mr. Si for nearly 10 years but had never washed his clothes before.

    They had servants, and they were the ones who would wash their clothes.

    Wen Xinya squatted in the bathroom as she carefully washed Si Yiyan’s shirt.

    She had personally selected the cloth for this shirt and sewn it by hand. The soft material felt as tender as her heart was feeling now.

    The bathroom door opened with a click. Si Yiyan stood at the entrance watching her.

    Wen Xinya instinctively asked, “Has the meeting with the lawyers been concluded?”

    Si Yiyan answered, “Yes. We have a lot of evidence. As long as the lawyers do their part, it will be easy for us to have T-K Group by the throat tomorrow in court.”

    He had already discussed with the legal team the best way to make their case, and covered all the possible loopholes that the defendant’s lawyers could attack. The chances of T-K Group winning this case was zero!

    Since he decided to interfere, he would not allow T-K Group any chance of counter-attacking.
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