283 Second Town Defense, Start!

    Marvin noticed the immediate change in Jun's expression. He frowned and asked Jun. "Did something happen?"

    Upon hearing Marvin's voice, Jun woke up from his stupor and jumped up from his seat.

    "The wave is coming!" Jun shouted and immediately operated his smartwatch.

    He sent the news to the Black Haven chatroom and demanded everyone to be prepared. He private messaged Evo about the situation, so he could

    Jun's shout attracted everyone's attention. Everyone turned to him and had looks of confusion.

    At first, they didn't understand what Jun was trying to say, but when they realized what he meant, everyone became frightened. The past experience when the town got sieged by carriers were still fresh in their minds.

    At that time, Angono was heavily watched by Marcus' cronies and every strong weapon was accounted for. It was the time of the month were a lot of people died due to the unexpected event.

    "What should we do?" Marvin asked in alarm.

    Jun can understand that it was Marvin's first time leading a group, so he didn't reprimand him. Instead, he calmly offered advice. "Gather every civilian and guard them in a safe place. Every combatant must be armed and ready for battle. Monsters arrive by batch, so your armed forces should be able to defend the town easily. Also, contact Old John for higher-tiered weapons."

    Jun doesn't know whether all the towns would receive an attack, so he contacted every town manager to prepare for a possible siege.

    As the First Army continued to train at Baras, King received Jun's urgent message. The army immediately stopped pulling hordes from the town and returned back to Morong.

    Binangonan was considered the safest place among the four towns. It's the most populated place where elites gather since the Auction House offers top quality goods every day.

    Evo sent a messenger to the National Police, so they could spread about the incoming monster wave.

    With the National Police helping in spreading the news, everyone in the town became informed about the situation. Each small factions busied themselves to gather their members.

    People who were farming the dungeons were pulled back to join the event. Except for the scavengers that don't have a communication device with them, every available manpower was called back.

    Black Haven has been slowly arming its subordinate towns with all kinds of weaponry. Spear and pikes were delivered on time, together with dozens of bows and crossbows. Bows were the fastest range weapon the craftsmen could make, aside from the throwing spears and throwing knives.

    Morong was guarded by its local powers together with the First Army stationed there. They have access to the Teleport Portal since this town was closer to their training grounds.

    Two sets of spiked barricades were on the outer perimeter of the plaza. It was some sort of the last line of defense in case any carriers got past the defenders fighting the wave. Also, tamed dungeons would become wild for the town siege, and groups were already assigned to them.

    Morong never encountered a monster wave in the first month. It could be considered a benefit and a disadvantage. Wave monsters drop gem stats that could slightly improve a person's prowess.

    The First Army soldiers were thinking that if things were really like these, it would be better to get assigned at Binangonan to obtain more loot. Besides, only the cemetery dungeon sends forth its gathered army, while the church dungeon mobs stay inside the church, not caring about the mundane world.

    In Cardona, most of the manpower was guarding the wild portal and the wild dungeons. The more than fifty people who failed the First Army recruitment were divided into two groups and designated at two important places.

    One group was assigned to the cemetery dungeon, while the other has to guard the wild portal. The cemetery was a great place for beginners. The Reserved Army's mission was to help locals who returned to the town to get some battle experience. The army was stationed here, but having a militia would be a good idea if things come to worst.

    The veteran fisherman was also assigned to give backup support in case Cardona needed reinforcement. They stopped operations after learning that monster waves would come and made sure that the wild dungeon only had a minimum number of fishes respawn.

    Angono was already tucked in their defenses. All non-combatants were gathered on the second floor of the mall. Mutated dogs were standing by at the wild portal while other mutated flying animals were watching above the building.

    Since they were treated well like how they were treated from the past. They became much tamed and friendlier with the survivors after getting to know them. Mutated animals were traumatized in the first few days of the apocalypse. Their owners turned to them wanting to hurt them, together with everyone they thought who loved them. If it weren't for someone who was able to soothe their feelings, they would still hate humans.

    For animals, there were always two kinds of humans. One that loves them, and one that hurts them. They couldn't see the abnormal changes in humans but could differentiate good from the bad.

    Dan's group was also prepared in the mountains. Jun's group just cleared the wild dungeon and they were waiting for the remaining wild bats to attack. Their group had more than twenty people who personally own bows and crossbows. Shooting wild bats charging at them would be a piece of cake.

    At the clubhouse at Taytay, the Elite group was minding their own business when they discovered the urgent message in the chatroom. Anna asked Jun what should the group do, and Jun answered, "Stay there. Although we don't have anything of importance there, we should see how things would go. You can help the town locals if you want, but the group's safety should be prioritized. Teleport to safety if your group gets in trouble.

    Taytay remained safe since the Elite unit was staying directly across the wild portal. Any carrier that passed through and step on the plaza would become target practice for Anna and Emman.

    By the side of the pool, a skinhead old man was seated in meditation. It was Matt Rojan, the person Edward saved who jumped off the bridge at Cardona. His looks have changed after getting a proper haircut and new clothes. He wore a loose shirt and comfortable jogging pants.

    He was practicing breathing techniques taught to him by Edward. The technique helped him slightly increase the chance of entering meditation and stabilize it. While training, he had his eyes closed, but he could see his surroundings filled with color thanks to the particles of energy scattered around him.

    This is the most common aura sense that Nik's group discovered and could evolve depending on the individual's nature. As for Jun having Aura(Death), it was due to him killing a lot of people, then accidentally registering the skill.

    The first time he learned of the skill, tears fell down his cheeks in joy. He even bowed to Edward while thanking him profusely.

    Matt Rojan was able to temporarily join the Elite unit thanks to Edward's recommendation. To be honest, anyone could join the Elite unit if they were able to fight bravely and skillfully.

    However, most of the powerful people have ambitions of their own. They don't want to become someone else's underling and only receive partial benefits if they could get it on their own.

    Jun realized this a long time ago and was the reason he prefers nurturing hidden gems.

    Errol had been busy setting traps in the whole plaza. It was to make sure that carriers wouldn't run in a different direction and would get trapped in a maze of spike traps until their deaths. This is also the reason why they were able to keep the zone safe even though they only have few people.

    Back at Binangonan, everyone was already raging to go and clash with the enemies.

    Small groups of people were staying together with their faction members. Powerful individuals who were only interested in the loot can be seen standing on their own while waiting. Mutated pet owners rode at the back of their tamed beasts, while others who only had mutual benefits had to walk side by side.

    Finally, the main group of attractions arrived. The Black Haven higher-ups geared with superior weapons and armor. Edward was forced to hold the Tier 3 Fantasy Shield, together with Jun, for extra defense. He was constantly nagged about conserving energy.

    Edward had the habit of overly relying with his Pioneer title, which reduces skill costs, and often runs out of energy even when the fight was already in the bag. Earlier, he was also needed to be dragged out since he wanted to cling some more to Jamie. After barely getting to hug her, he was called for tanking duty.

    There were four people leading the Black Haven's group. Jun, Edward, Sheila, and Adrian. Behind them was the Scavenger unit assigned to loot their kills, armed with bone swords for basic protection, and wore the black insignia of Black Haven with capital B and H at the center.

    Although there were dozens of Scavengers, it wasn't guaranteed if they could keep up with the killing speed of the four leaders.

    Everyone was waiting at the plaza, waiting for the Pillar of Light to appear. Dozens of vehicles were parked at the roads, making some groups of people consider running instead of boarding a car.

    Seeing everyone's gaze turned on their direction, Jun sneaked a peek at the wave countdown. Afterward, he looked up and looked at everyone in the surrounding.

    He spoke of a simple thing that made everyone thrilled and worried at the same time.

    "The rules are simple. You own what you kill, but be careful of kill stealing. It would be bad if you make enemies out of everyone."
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