1 The Lost Kingdom

    "Once upon a time, in a magical realm, where magical beings thrived and lived in harmony. There was balance in the land of the fairies,  elves, sorcerers, mer-kingdom and humans. All seemed to go well and fine, it was peaceful".

    "Whoa, tell me more" said the eager girl.

    "Hold your horses child. Then, the sorcerers wanted an alliance and sought out the hand of the fairy princess in marriage. They would offer protection and the fairies would in turn help their lands cultivate as their fields were drying out."

    She paused and watched the little girl, then continued.

    "The fairies in their kind heart agreed, thus forming a strong alliance and bore a child, a princess, one having both powers of a fairy and a sorcerer. Then something terrible happened... "

    "The human king sought to start a war. He said 'If we leave these magical beings, one day they would rise against us and kill us, we must attack first and wipe them out, they are getting stronger and making alliances', but his trusted adviser couldn't agree with him".

    "He replied the king, "Oh king long may you live, but we are not strong against the magical beings. They have powers" he advised the king, but the king had a plan. He was going to do something tricky".

    "He is a bad man" said the little girl in anger.

    The lady chuckled at her behaviour before continuing.

    "Yes he was, and so years later their power grew, feeling threatened the king kidnapped the Elven Prince and killed him"

    "Then he had the dead body dropped in the border of the sorcerers' land. Filled with anger in their hearts, the Elves attacked the sorcerers and the fairies gave their help" the lady explained.

    "But they didn't do it, it was the bad king who attacked" the little girl said folding her arms.

    "Yes, but they didn't know. The war raged on for years, the land of the sorcerers was terrible so they couldn't grow crops because of the war. But they had the fairies help and so the fight continued with the human king being happy that they would destroy themselves without his intervention".

    "Bad, that's just bad" she cut the lady short.

    "If you keep cutting me short I won't tell the story again" she threatened.

    "Please don't stop, I'll keep shut".

    "Okay. One day, the princess born to the fairy who was now queen and the sorcerer king, went adventuring against her mother's warning and she got attacked by the Elves".

    "Oh no, she shouldn't have disobeyed".


    "I'm sorry, I got so... " she tried explaining but the lady cut her short.

    "Its useless telling you to keep shut, I'll just continue" she beamed a smile at the little girl while poking her sides.

    She giggles on the bed and soon starts laughing as the lady tickles her.

    "Stop it, you still have to finish your story".

    "Okay, meanwhile, the mer peoole stayed out of the war with the humans, the princess barely escaped but was severely injured, she walked near the waters separating them and the mer people and collapsed."

    She heaved a sigh taking a little break before continuing the story.

    "She was later saved by the mer prince who didn't know her identity but saw her badly injured and helped her. He hid her and nursed her everyday till she was better, each time he would come to land, taking a human form and take care of her."

    "He was mesmerized by her beauty and loved her, gradually she loved him in return. She returned home when she was okay and would always leave to meet the mer prince. They did this for some months until one day, she was attacked by the elves again but he was with her".

    "Yay, he'll come to her rescue" the little girl said happily.

    "Not exactly, he couldn't use his powers in his human form and so he got killed. In despair and anger she killed all the elves that attacked as her powers exploded out of her."

    The little girl listened with rapt attention.

    "She cried and cried with the prince in her arms, unknown to her a mermaid saw the dead prince in her arms and rushed to call the mer queen telling them a fairy had killed the prince."

    "By the time they arrived, she was about burying the prince when they attacked. With no choice but to fight back seeing as they won't listen, she was being overpowered, then the fairies and her mother came to her rescue."

    "They had been looking for her in the palace and her power surge had attracted them and they knew something was wrong, so they rushed there, only to see the princess fighting for her life and joined."

    "The fairy queen was killed by the mer queen when she was distracted protecting her daughter" she paused when she saw the interest on the little girl's face.

    "The fairies fought hard, by now a flare has been lit signaling for help, soon the sorcerers came and joined the battle, then the mer people retreated into the water."

    "Good, runaway" Astrid interrupted but the lady paid her no heed.

    "But at the end of it all, Queen Leia was dead and the princess in despair, for she had lost her love and her mother on the same day. Unknown to her, she was pregnant, the fairy and sorcerer born princess, pregnant for a mer prince" she paused and looked at Astrid.

    "I didn't talk, why did you stop?" Astrid asked her.

    "I will continue, I just loved your attentiveness.   Months later the princess was due to deliver, and the news got to the human king and other magical beings."

    "The elves feared the child to be born, the mer people feared the child as well, the human king feared the child, because his plans might be ruined. Everyone thought, whoever could get their hands on a hybrid like that would own the power to control the war and rule over the magical realm".

    "Poor princess".

    "I thought you wouldn't comment again" she said poking the little girl playfully.

    "I couldn't help it".

    "Okay, on the day of her delivery, her kingdom was attacked. The human king came prepared with so many armies and weapons, the elves wouldn't miss a chance to ruin the sorcerers and the mer people still held a grudge."

    "It was terrible for the princess, she gave her new born daughter to her most trusted maid and had her flee while she tried saving her kingdom."

    "Meanwhile, as they fought, she noticed they were losing, she used her powers to disperse them out of her kingdom, throwing them all far away, and made her kingdom disappear."

    "What tremendous power".

    "When their troops attacked again, she used her last energy. Letting her power surge out and exploded everywhere, it threw her away alongside her opponent. "

    "And so the princess, I mean queen was lost. No one knows where she disappeared to and the hybrid princess was lost along side the maid."

    "Till this day, no one knows where the queen, princess and the kingdom home to the fairies and sorcerers are. Legend has it that where the sun meets the hill at the east, there the lost kingdom of Fortland is. The End".

    "Whoaaa, epic aunt."

    "I'm glad you like it Astrid".

    "Of course, who wouldn't, so no clue about the princess and the queen?".

    "None whatsoever".

    "She can't be lost forever" protested Astrid.

    "Oh little one, its time to sleep."

    "But Aunt... " she started to say but was stopped by the lady.

    "No. Goodnight Astrid" she said tucking her in.

    "Goodnight aunt".

    She kisses her on the forehead, "Sweet dreams baby" she put off the lamp by her bed and left the room.
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