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    "I'm not leaving you, we are going together" she listens and  finds her hearing to be sharp. She hear the sounds of the soldiers. "They are close, aunt let's go" she assisted her up and they rush a little bit because of Nerissa's injury.

    As they get to the bottom of the mountain, there was a small step by its side and they went up. Because it was narrow, they had to walk one at a time, with Astrid using one hand to hold Nerissa's hand.  Minutes later, far into their walking the soldiers arrived.

    "There they are, shoot them down" the general gave the order and an archer stepped forward and shot two arrows.

    It met its target, it shot at the back of Nerissa and she stopped walking. Astrid turns her head and saw Nerissa about to fall, she tries holding her hand tight but Nerissa falls. Astrid still held on tight trying to bring her up. Then she saw the arrows on Nerissa's back, as she looked up trying to find the soldiers, another arrow was shot at her and she moves her head down, it hit the mountain instead.

    "Let go Astrid, you must go" another arrow was shot, followed by another then another and she tries dodging them.

    "You must let go. Save yourself" two arrows were shot this time, one grazing her arm and the other missing. She hissed at the stinging feeling she felt from just a scratch of that poisonous arrow.

    "Go Astrid. Its too late for me. I'll only burden you".

    "No aunt, we go together".

    Nerissa shakes her head, "I love you Astrid, take care" as she said that she removed her hand from Astrid's grip and fell into the fog.

    "Nerrrrriiiiisssssaaaaa... " Astrid shouts her name. With tears in her eyes she stand up and looks at the direction where the soldiers were. She could feel that familiar feeling and she welcomed it as she let the energy surge out of her and she directed it at them.

    "Boom... "A loud explosion.

    She cries for some seconds and soon the pain starts spreading to all her left arm and she hurried away.

    After some hours, as she walked up the small path way, and soon saw where the path connects down to a cliff side. She hurries along and grits her teeth in pain. The poison was spreading fast, her arm was almost fully paralyzed. She had to hurry so she can make an antidote or she'd be in trouble.

    Steadily and with sweat dripping from her face, she rushed forward. She couldn't afford for another group of soldiers to find her, especially in this state, how would she fend for herself.

    Forty minutes later, she reaches the end of the mountain and followed the path along the cliff side.

    As she climbs, the ground under her feeth gave way and she was falling fast, quickly she reached for her power and the earth beneath her raised up, catching her in mid air, then it slowly brought her up.

    When she got to the edge she jumped of the raised earth and let go of her power and fell down on the ground.

    Controlling the earth in this state weakened her badly. She removes her bag and fumbles inside it in search of some herbs. Everything be came blurry, she could not mix her herbs, so she kept them back. Seeing her current state, she hung the bag again and continued her journey. Barely able to see. She managed like that till she crossed the Elven borders and she collapsed under a tree.


    Under the sea, in Alacia, home to the merfolks.

    The queen is in her throne room and called for her guard.

    "Send for the princess and the Royal Advisor".

    "Yes your majesty" the guard said with a bow and left.

    She swims away from her throne and kept on pondering.

    Then the Royal Advisor swam in, "Your majesty, you sent for me".

    She looks up, "Yes I did. But you ate here so soon, it hasn't been five minutes since the guard left".

    "I was on my way here to meet with you when I saw him on the way so I hurried here" he explained.

    "Very good Zephyr. I need to make a trip to see her".

    "Anything the matter my queen?" he asked.

    "I'm not okay with not knowing what's going on. If its not her, then who?".

    As she thinks her daughter rushed in.

    "Mother, you sent for me".

    "Yes Kaia, we are going to see Isadora".

    "What do you want that half breed for mother?".

    "To ask some questions dear".

    "The half breed won't talk".

    "Hmm I don't need her to, I just need to see her reaction ".

    "On what?... " she asked feeling lost.

    "Worry not dear, let's go". Her mother tried easing her worry.

    "Yes your majesty" the royal advior said.

    The queen swam first then the princess followed, before the royal advisor.

    When they arrived at the prison, the queen robed the magical barrier and the electric field was disabled. Then they swam up to her.


    "If it isn't trouble" the princess said.

    "I see you haven't thought your daughter manners. What a shabby princess" she said with a scoff.

    Getting angry her mother held her back.

    "I'll ask the questions Isadora. Do well to answer them".

    ".... "

    "You weren't the one who had that power surge were you... ".

    "Are you asking me or stating the obvious?".


    "Wow, you finally figured it out. How would I release a power surge from here and you won't feel the impact first hand. I really thought you were wise but now I see... "

    "Quiet" the princess shouted in anger.

    "Mother and daughter duo. So much alike, why am I not surprised. When Queens talk you don't butt in princess. Know your place Kaia".

    "Mother you said you didn't... "

    She was cut short by her mother's next choice of words which was shocking.

    "SHUT UP".
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