13 Youre in the Wrong Territory

    "Mother" she said in disbelief.

    "If it wasn't you, who else in the magical realm  has such powers? None, except.... " she smiles evilly as she looks at Isadora.

    "Except your child. The hybrid child no one knows it's whereabouts. Its your lost child that caused the power surge" Astrid raises her head and there was a stern look on her face.

    "You don't have to answer me. Let's leave".

    With that she swam away with the others behind her.

    Outside of the dungeon, the queen erected the magical barrier again. Later she looks at the prison and smiled evilly.

    "Your majesty" the Royal Advisor Zephyr started to say but was cut short by the princess.

    "Mother, why did you take her side just now and told me to shut up?"

    "You were going to expose my plan stupid girl".

    "But mother, did you find your answer?".

    "Yes, it is her child. The Hybrid child... Come on let us leave. My sources should arrive any moment from now. Let's head to the palace".

    They all swam together towards the palace.


    Astrid slowly opens her eyes and gradually takes in her surroundings.

    As she looks closely, she sees the outline of a man. But she couldn't quite make up his appearance. Everything was fuzzy and her head ached.

    She tries getting up but the headache became  serious. She close her eyes as she grits her teeth in pain and hissed.

    "No, you shouldn't get up yet, go back to sleep" that was the voice of the man she head as he assisted her to lie back down. The next thing she knew, she was fast asleep again. She tried opening her eyes but something seemed to be forcing her to sleep, she stopped fighting it and let the sleep take over.

    In the human kingdom, the general goes to meet the King.

    "Your majesty" he half knelt and bowed to the king.

    "Yes, what news have you brought?"

    "We killed the sorceress but the girl escaped".

    "What kind of insolent incompetent soldiers do I have?"

    "Sire... "

    "Quiet, your king speaks" Gerald the Grand Advisor said in interjecting his speech.

    "I sent thousands of troops but yet you keep failing. The sorceress is dead you say, but she is not the prized one. Give me the hybrid princess or I'll have your head".

    "Yes your majesty".

    "Where is she now?"

    "She headed for the Mountain of Fogs and after we killed the sorceress, she let out another power surge causing a huge explosion. Your majesty, she has magic, we have swords. We don't stand a chance".

    "Useless troops, she is but one being. You are soldiers. Yes you stand a chance, if not how could you kill the sorceress?".

    "Sire, I'm afraid if she successfully crosses the Mountain of fogs, she would venture into the Elves kingdom" Gerald said to the king.

    "She's was in my hands, in my kingdom, I can't freely hand her over to the Elves. Whoever has her, would be all powerful. Instead these stupid troops come to me to tell me she had escaped".

    "Your majesty, I'd be more than happy to get her".

    "Lady Lorelei".

    "Grand advisory Gerald".

    "Lorelei, my trusted sorceress. What did you say?"

    "Your majesty, if she has crossed the Mountain of fogs by now, it would be unwise to send thousand of soldiers into the Elf kingdom".

    "They would alert the Elves, and we may lose her" Gerald said.

    "That's if the don't know already. That power surge was strong enough for all the magic realm to feel"

    "So you mean... "

    "Yes, they know and would probably be searching for her".

    "And these ingrates let her escape" the king hollered in anger.

    "With the mage gone, it would be all too easy to get her. Its obvious she hasn't learnt magic yet".

    "Without magic she bested us. If she learns... "

    "There's no way for her to learn, the sorceress is dead, you said so yourself and all the mages and fairies have disappeared a long time ago. You're a general, act like it" she shouted at the general.

    "I'm sorry Lady Lorelei, I'm sorry your majesty for my incompetence".

    "Sire, it would be wise to send a one man army. I would infiltrate the elves and find her then bring her back to you. This way the elves would suspect nothing".

    "They'll think we are scared of crossing their borders and to make it so, we would be by the border waiting. So when Lady Lorelei succeed we would be there to escort her back" said the Grand Advisor proudly.

    "Good idea. You have my permission to carry on".

    "Yes your majesty" they all bowed to him and left the throne room.


    After a day she finally woke up. She gently open her eyes, taking in her surrounding and she remembered how she got there. She sits up, but didn't see her savior. She scanned her surrounding but to sign of him anywhere. She recalls the poison and checked her arm, she wasn't wearing her cloak anymore and no signs of the poison as well, she could lift her hand again. He cured her, but who was he? She swings her arm again and stops mid way when she heard that voice...

    "I see you've woken up".

    She quickly turns her head to the direction of the voice.

    "You're in the wrong territory... ".
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