18 Wheres your sense of fun?

    "That would teach you a lesson Jareth".

    He turned to look at her, giving off an angry aura... But Astrid still saw it as funny and kept in laughing at him. Before she knew what was happening he shot an arrow at her, but missed by a hair breath intentionally. She turned facing where the arrow landed and back at him.

    "What is wrong with you? Where you planning to get me killed Jareth?".

    "Ohh it slipped off my fingers by mistake" he lied as he jumped down to stand by her side.

    "Then what's that smugish grin on your face Jareth?".

    "I ain't grinning, or are you seeing things! " he lied.

    "Okay, a mistake huh. I'll show you mistake" the next thing he knew, she controlled the arrow and directed it at him. He quickly halted the arrow in mid air and the fought the battle of the mind here.

    "Why would my arrows obey her?" He thought to himself, all the while trying to control the arrows but she held strong.

    "Why wouldn't he just let me show him a mistake" she thought to herself still controlling the arrow to attack him but he is pushing the arrow back.

    They carried on for more than thirty minutes, no one willing to lose to the other. By this time  beads of sweat covered their foreheads but still none gave up.

    "I need to end this real quick, I don't know how long I'll last against him, come on Astrid think" she said in her head.

    "I really need to end this, I'll soon be out of energy. My mind is exhausted as it is. Come on think of something" he thought to himself.

    "Yes, distraction" they both thought at the same time.

    "But what kind of distraction, perhaps... " Jareth thought again.

    "What kind of distraction would I give him? Ahh I know just what to do" Astrid thought again.

    She closed her eyes taking a deep breath, "Focus, focus, you can do it" she thought again and went on with her plan. She reached out to the earth and felt the tug of power flow. Yes she was one with the elements, they obey her command.

    "Perfect, here's my chance. She's trying yo concentrate so as not to lose, well I just have yo break her concentration then" he thought to himself.

    They both had their plans set and was ready to launch their attack at the other.

    "Just the right moment, come on" he thought again.

    Immediately he said that, he shouted her name, "Astrid, look out". Broke from her concentration, she let go of her hold on her powers and instead of using the earth to form hands that would grab him, she let it slip and the earth opened and swallowed the lower part of his body.

    And as she turned in shock to look at what was coming, both of them let go of their hold on the arrow and it flew past Astrid hitting a strand of her hair.

    At the end if it all, they both loss. In anger she turned to face the still stalked Jareth.

    "You really have a death wish Jareth".

    "And who's gonna carry out the sentence?".

    "Why, me of course".

    "In your dreams Astrid".

    "Oh you think I'm not strong enough. You'd be shocked at what I can do to you".

    "All right, if you say so, why not release me and let me see what you can do to me".

    "I am not going to fall for that trap Jareth. I think I prefer you here like this".

    "I'm stuck Astrid".

    "You should have thought of that before playing pranks on me Jareth".

    "Come on, where's your sense of humor?" He asked her trying to cajole her.

    "Ahh, humor me. Where's your sense of fun? You'd actually make a magnificent portrait in this position".

    "No I won't, get me the heck out if here Astrid".

    "Why should I? Give me two good reasons why and I'll let you out".

    "You've got to be kidding me".

    "Your time's ticking".

    "Wait, you are timing my answer?".

    "Yes, one minute gone".

    "Hey wait, that wasn't part of anything".

    "Well it is now, a minute and twenty five  seconds Jareth".

    "Hey,  hold on, long do I have?".

    "Two minutes".

    "Two what, that's not fair Astrid".

    "Says who life is fair. The time you are using to reply me, you would have provided me with reasons. Ok forty five seconds, fifteen seconds more".

    "I hate this girl" he murmured under his breathe.

    "Is that a reason? I can't hear you. You would have to speak a bit louder you know. Nine, eight, seven... ".

    "Okay, you need me to take you to the valley of lost souls and I'm charming".

    "Two, one".

    "So release me" he demanded.

    "You said what?".

    "I said release me".

    "No not that, your reasons. First you said I need you to get to the valley of lost souls, correct?".

    "Correct? Exactly".

    She faced palmed herself and sighed...
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