21 The Little White Tiger-Pheonix Beast 1

    And she smiled, "Now you understand... ".

    "Yes I do, thank you for not letting me kill it".

    She sighed as everything seemed to be going on fine, "Now we should get that arrow out and heal it".

    "All right" Jareth said and walked closer to the beast. As soon as he placed his hand on the arrow, the beast wailed.

    "Careful Jareth, she is in pain. I bet that arrow must have been poisoned for it to cause her so much pain like this. Let me try and calm it down and take her mind off the pain, then you can remove the arrow".

    "Ok, let's do that then".

    He waited for her signal, as he watched her move closer to the beast's head and rubs it with her small hands. Then she closed her eyes and within a minute, the White Tiger-Pheonix Beast's breathing started becoming even. It's breathing was no longer raged, and it no longer wailed, it seemed peaceful.

    "Wow, it really is working" Jareth thought. Forgetting about the signal, he slowly touched the arrow and tugged on it lightly. Instantly a loud shriek was heard as the White Tiger-Pheonix Beast wailed. Birds in the surrounding flee off, the little White Tiger-Pheonix Beast trembled in the corner where it hid, Jareth and Astrid both covered their ears with their hands. Tears rolled down the beast's face as it wailed on, after some minutes, it reduced its wailing.

    Astrid shot a glare at Jareth, "What part of wait for my signal don't you understand?".

    "I'm sorry. I saw you so focused and her breathing stopped being ragged, so I felt... "

    "You don't feel or felt, Jareth, this is a matter of life. I told you that arrow was poisoned" she shouted at him in anger.

    "I said I am sorry".

    "Sorry is not good enough".

    "You're unbelievable. You know what, you pull it out yourself. I'm done here" he turned to walk away but stopped in his tracks when the beast whined.

    He sighs and turn to look at the beast's eyes. He could almost feel like the beast was pleasing for him not to go. Frustratedly, he sighed again and gently rubbed it on the leg. That's when he felt it's fur for the first time, it was so soft and on it's fur, where some feathers, it's wings spread on the ground and Jareth couldn't help but move over and caressed it there. Gently moving his hands over the soft feathers, he seemed to have forgotten everything, all hurt, pain and anger. He was brought back by the soft pur that left the White Tiger-Pheonix Beast's mouth.

    Seeming to have forgotten he was mad at Astrid, he looked up to her with a face full of smiles, but she just turned her head when their eyes met.

    He sighed again, "Women, I'm the one who was wronged here. Oh well, I better get it over with" he thought to himself the walked over to her and placed a hand on her shoulder.

    "I'm sorry. I know you are stressed and trying your best for her, I shouldn't have gotten angry".

    Indeed apologizing seemed to have melted her heart, as she turned to face him with a sullen face, she quickly looked down.

    "What is the matter Astrid?" He asked her feeling concerned.

    "Its nothing. I'm sorry too. I shouldn't have lashed out in you like that, you didn't want to disturb me and you wanted to help her quick. I am sorry and thank you" she apologized to him.

    "It's all right".

    "Its just I connected with her, so I could feel the intensity of the pain... It felt like it was my injury. That's why I got so angry, I shouldn't have shouted".

    "Hey, it's okay. I admit it was scary seeing you on edge like that but now I know why. You really care about this creature".

    "Not just her but every other creature. I have a thing for animals" she said with a faint blush on her cheeks.

    "If only there was a way to stop her from feeling pain while you take it out".

    "Wait, you are a genius Astrid. Why not freeze time or freeze her and I'll quickly take it out while you heal her" he suggested.

    "Quick there's no time. It's brilliant Jareth. I would stop time and freeze around her wound, then you pull it out".

    "Even better using both" he encouraged her.

    "Let's do this" Jareth nodded at her.

    "On your count" Jareth said to her.

    She closed her eyes for a brief moment and opened them, soon everything was stopped except herself and Jareth. She then controlled water from a few grasses on the ground and used it to freeze the wound area. She signals Jareth and he made way to the wound area, and pulled out the arrow.

    Instantly Astrid unreleased her magic and everything that she stopped. She quickly moved to the wound and pressed her hand on it as blood gushed out and started chanting some spells.
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