22 The Little White Tiger-Pheonix Beast 2

    Then slowly a black liquid oozed out and it floated in the air before falling on the floor. She closed her eyes again after seeing that she has taken the poison out and chanted some spells.

    "Ver qwetr mkier sian le miwve vior skea healie mne beastia" she kept chanting the spell and soon her eyes shone and a bright blue light shone where her hand was on the beast's wound.

    Slowly, the wound closed up and she opened her eyes. In a matter of minutes the wound was completely healed and the White Tiger-Pheonix Beast stopped wailing from the pain. When Astrid touched where the wound once was, it winced a little at the pain.

    "There, there, girl, it's okay now. You are fine, I won't touch there anymore. In a day or two the pain would be gone completely" she said patting the beast on its fur and rubbed it's belly.

    "Congratulations, you are healed now"Jareth said to the beast as he made his way to it's feathers and started caressing it.

    Astrid turned to look at Jareth and laughed, "You are getting addicted to caressing it's feathers you know".

    "Who wouldn't be, they are so soft. It's no wonder its a majestic beast" he said as he continued stroking it.

    Astrid sighed as healing and freezing time took a lot of her magic. "I'm beat, phew. Now where was that little naughty baby".

    Funny enough it purred in the corner it hid. "Come, come, was that cause I scolded you or what? All right you can come out now. Your mama's gonna be okay"she said looking lovingly at the little white Tiger-Pheonix beast.

    It took few steps out and then stopped, "Come on, I am not angry at you".

    Hearing this, the little white Tiger-Pheonix beast took some steps out again till it got out in the open. "There, that's it come on" she said encouragingly at the little white Tiger-Pheonix beast while opening her arms and stretching them out in a hugging manner.

    The little white Tiger-Pheonix beast rushed into her embrace after seeing the gesture and she hugged it in her arms and caressed its fur and wings. It let out a pur as it closed it's eyes enjoying the treatment.

    "Oh good boy, you want to meet mummy? She's all okay now" Astrid spoke to the Little White Tiger-Pheonix Beast  while turning it's gaze to it's mother.

    Meanwhile, Jareth helped the mother to sit up and it looked at its cub with love. The little white Tiger-Pheonix beast quickly jumped out of Astrid's arms as she let it down and hurried to it's mother's side. The big White Tiger-Pheonix Beast raised it's paw and let it's little one play around it and it finally went to it's mother's body.

    She gently smiled at it and walked towards Jareth. "Hey" she said to him as they watched the affection between the two.

    "Hey" he whispered back to her, careful not to disturb the mother and son duo.

    "What say you, how about we take them back to the forest's peak? At least that way we would be sure no one would hurt them on their way back".

    "All right, that's a good idea, but I must warn, it's several days journey".

    "Rough figure, tell me how many days".

    "Roughly four and a half days".

    "Four and a half" she repeated after him.

    "That's if we are fast".

    "If we are fast".

    "Can you stop repeating what I say! ".

    "Oh sorry, I was thinking. I didn't mean to" she apologized to him.

    "All right, but if we are slow, it would take us six days".

    "Why would we be slow?".

    "Huh in case of injury or any delay".

    "I've got my magic Jareth".

    "Not that".

    "Then what if not that?".

    "Enough with the questions Astrid" he said barely out of breath as he released the breath he didn't know he had been holding in.

    "Let's leave if we want to make it four days".

    She looks at him, still looking dishevelled from his outburst.

    "Calm down, we would leave, but can I rest a bit first? I used a lot of energy during her healing and the fighting earlier on.

    "Okay, we leave first thing in the morning, let everyone rest today, besides I do not think the big white Tiger-Pheonix beast should start a journey. Prepare a place to lie, I would go gather some dry woods to start a fire and for the night.

    "Okay, let me come with you" she said getting up as she sat on the ground before.

    "No, rest and wait for me" he told her and disappeared into the woods.

    An hour later, he returned with a large chunk of wood and started preparing the fire. When he had gathered the wood, he tried making a fire, but it wasn't lighting. Then the little White Tiger-Pheonix Beast came up to him and opened its mouth, small flames came out but it was enough to start the fire.

    He patted the little White Tiger-Pheonix Beast on its head, "Good boy, thanks for helping" the little white Tiger-Pheonix Beast jumped happily for being praised and ran to play near it's mother.
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