28 We have a sorceress in our mids

    Someone lurked in the shadows of the throne room. Later the king sensed the presence of the person but before he could say anything, the voice spoke.

    "Yes your majesty."

    And the owner of the voice came out of the shadows, shocking the Grand Advisor.

    "You... Why did your voice... ".

    "Shhh... " the owner of the voice hushed him.

    "What news do you bring me Lorelei?"

    "Oh magnificent King Bayard... There is news all right, but one I myself am not sure if you would like."

    "What news is that? Just say it."

    "Tscchhh... Gerald... Patience. King Bayard?" She looked at the king with a raised brow, awaiting his signal to continue.

    "Very well then, out with it."

    "As you wish your majesty."

    She walked closer to the throne and looked around before she spoke.

    Confused, Gerald and King Bayard followed the trail of her eyes, not so sure what she was searching for or looking at.

    "I found her."

    "That is a great news. Why do you sag it like it's someone's funeral."

    "It would soon be if you do not shut up Grand Advisor".

    "Lorelei, cut him some slack. What is the problem, why isn't the hybrid here with you?"

    "About that your majesty... "


    Just then the throne room doors open and a soldier walked in.

    "Forgive my intrusion your majesty, but this is urgent matter."

    He swiftly bowed to the king and greeted Lady Lorelei  and Gerald.

    "Lady Lorelei, Lord Gerald".


    "So what news do you have for me?" The king asked rather impatient as to what was important for this foolish soldier to disturb him.

    "There is a hunter who encountered the hybrid in the forest. He lost his companions and he alone survived. He requested an audience with your majesty".

    "Bring him in."

    The doors open and a soldier walked in with a peasant in tow. They bowed before the king after they walked few steps forward. The door closes again.

    "What news have you?"

    "I met a witch in the forest."

    "Yes any important news?" The king asked rather impatient.

    "We were... My companions, all killed by that witch."

    "What did you do that warranted her killing your companions?" Lady Lorelei suddenly asked.

    Terrified, the hunter fidgeted as he recalled the incidents before them.

    "We wanted to have a good time with her, but later she screamed after our leader got his hands on her and then this tremendous terrible, terrifying power surged out of her."

    "Hmm, what was it like?"

    "It was really terrifying... After she killed the others, she made her way to me."

    "Then why are you still alive if what you say is true?" Grand Advisor Gerald chipped in.

    "Well thank that lady, as i saw her approach from a distance, i backed away from the witch and ran. Just as she was about chasing m, she was interrupted and prevented from attacking me by that lady. So I ran with all my life's worth and didn't look back again. We've got a witch let loose your majesty."

    "Count yourself lucky you are alive. If I were her, I would have cut your manhood so that you bled to death. If not that she is dangerous, you would have raped her to death."

    "Lady Lorelei."


    The king and Gerald called out, not too happy about her choice of words but the thing is, it was true.

    If not that Astrid had powers, it would have been her who was reported dead as they would have used her body for their pleasure  and Lorelei understood this well and couldn't feel more disgusted.

    "Your majesty, he should pay... A heavy punishment. It is people like this that **** our innocents..."

    "Lorelei that's enough" the king said but she looked at the hinter with disgust and hissed.

    "Lorelei... " the king called out her name again but she didn't answer. She only cast a terrifying look at the hunter.

    "What's your name?" Gerald asked the terrified man.

    "Torrent my Lord."

    "Hmm, so what do you want from the king?"

    "They should catch that witch and put her in chains. She is dangerous, we have a sorceress in our midst."

    Lorelei shot him an angry look and he trembled.

    "She is a murderer."

    "Funny for you to say, you would have done the same."

    "She deserves to be punished."

    "If she does, the so do you. Punish the murderer your majesty and punish the rapist too."

    "Lady Lorelei please calm down".

    "No aid be given him nor compensation, he is a rapists and we do not train rapists in our kingdom."

    "My Lady, my Lord please."

    "You should have thought of that before you requested a punishment. Leave this palace before I give you the required punishment."

    "But we didn't **** her, she on the other hand killed my companions."

    "Really now... You still have the guts..."

    "Your majesty, please treat this case fairly".

    "Are you insinuating I am nit fair?".

    "Lorelei that's enough. I mean it, stop terrifying him."

    "As you wish your majesty."

    With that she straightened herself and turned to face the King.

    "At least now we know why she suddenly surfaced and let out such a powerful surge after eighteen years."

    "It is thanks to them" the king said.


    "Your majesty"

    "See to it that he is rewarded with half the consolation money. I shouldn't give you any money but because of your lewd act, you exposed the hybrid. For that you get half, dismiss".

    "Yes, your majesty. Thank you" Torren said with a gloomy face as he left the throne room accompanied by the Lieutenant.

    The doors closed and all attention drifted back to Lady Lorelei.

    "If you keep looking at me that way, I might be tempted to leave this place."

    "Are you threatening the king Lorelei?" Gerald asked.

    "Don't insinuate anything Gerald."

    "If I didn't know better, I would have said you just did, you even passed judgment right in his presence."

    "Well thank the stars that you know better. I am protecting the women, while you men sit and do nothing".

    She turned her gaze back to the king, bowed and disappeared from the throne room.

    "..." The king sighed feeling tired.
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