29 Another Writing

    "Well thank the stars that you know better. I am protecting the women, while you men sit and do nothing".

    Lorelei turned her gaze back to the king, bowed and disappeared from the throne room.

    "..." The king sighed feeling tired.

    "Your majesty, you are letting her do as she please" Gerald showed his displeasure at Lorelei's attitude.

    "She is still the only sorceress around. All the others are lost thanks to Isabella."

    "Needless to say, it seems now like your plan backfired. In the process of wanting them to crumble, you birthed the most powerful being" Gerald said as he paced around the throne room.

    "And I would have her as mine. She'd be my puppet, to do my bidding. My plan didn't backfire. If there's anything, it became better."

    "Well from that perspective, yes, but if she escapes and finds her mother and people, it wouldn't be so easy as you say sire."

    "Yes, but you said if, that's a probability. And not if we get her first. Ohhh" the King sighed, letting his shoulders fall.

    "What is it your majesty?"

    "Well, Lorelei was to deliver a news to me for what I sent her and then the hunter came and discussions... More like argument though... "

    "She got angry and left, not telling the news" Gerald said as he interrupted the king.

    "Yes, wouldn't want to interrupt her, seeing as she is in a bad mood already."

    "I still say you pamper her your majesty, she is your subject" he queried.

    "Technically she is not. She is helping".

    "It's not like she can go back to her people now, she's already betrayed them and it's been ages since they last saw. I wonder what magic or lies she could tell yo save herself. So she is subject to you your majesty."

    He corrected the king in the most logical way he could, so he doesn't come off as such but more of an advice.

    "You are right. Anyways Gerald, I am tired as it is, please attend to any other matter at hand. I'm going to retire to my chambers. Even a king need his rest."

    He said as he stood up from the throne and made his way to the door.

    "Now, where is that heir of mine, Gerald?"

    "Your majesty, I believe the Crown Prince is umm having a good time as we speak."

    He tried coating up his words.

    King Bayard had two children, a boy and a girl. The boy was older and was born of the queen before she died during child birth.

    The girl was from one of the king's women and he made her his concubine.

    The Crown Prince was not so much like his father in some ways. He didn't really have much zeal for power, well that could also be due to the fact that his father was still on the throne.

    On the other hand, he lavished away his life having fun with women. That he no doubt, unmistakably took from his father. There was no maiden who didn't know him or heard of his escapades.

    Some of them liked the idea of serving the Prince, as they hoped for a chance to bear his child.

    The princess on the other hand, seemed to have gotten her father's cunningness and thirst for power. Well her mother also had an influence in that. She was smart unlike her brother, she knew better.

    "So he's out there **ing women, when he should be here learning how to rule. Give him some advice Gerald" King Bayard complained.

    "I will Sire."

    "Well before that, arrange for some lovelies to warm my bed" he said that last bit and left the throne room.

    "As you wish your majesty" Gerald said rather loudly so the king could hear.

    He sighed as he thought about the father and son duo.

    "Like Father, like son" he thought to himself.


    In a room barely lit, a bird flew and perched on the open window rail.

    It was none other than thunder.

    A young man went to the window and took the note out of Thunders pouch.

    "Dad it's him" the young man said to a person sitting in the dark.

    "What does it say?"

    He quickly opened it to unravel its content.

    There was a look of uncertainty in his eyes as he stared at the note.

    "What is wrong?" The owner of voice asked from where he sat in the barely lit room.

    "Nothing much. It's just that... "

    "Just what" the owner of the voice said impatiently as he interrupted the youth before him.

    "Well, he said... " he read the words out.

    "So, what is the problem?".

    "Father I am fine, no need to worry. On a journey, would meet you soon" he read the words again.

    "Get to the point already" the owner of the voice grumbled.

    "Perhaps because you are moody father, so you didn't notice" he paused trying to get his father's full attention.

    "Normally he won't send a note like this except something's up and then there's another writing"

    "Another writing how?"

    "Okay another handwriting. The other person added the last words, on a journey, would meet you soon" he explained to his father.

    "True, my son ain't cheesy. That is definitely a girl, a guy won't butt in another man's business like that" the owner of the voice analyzed.

    "Huh, I guess so. Well that's his message to you" the young man said as he tore the note and let out his hand for Thunder to perch on.

    "I would just go feed thunder before letting him fly back to him."

    "All right, you can leave first."
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