35 Ambushed 2


    Just then, Jareth looks up at their direction as if he sensed something, but couldn't see anyone as they disappeared from there as soon as he returned.

    "All right, let's get going Astrid" he ordered.

    "Way ahead of you mister. White-Fire, little White-Fire, let's go."

    Together, they all moved out.


    In the human kingdom, the King walks in the hall way when he saw a shadow. It had the silhouette of a woman.

    He stopped in his tracks and looked towards the direction the shadow was a minute ago. Suddenly, as quick a lightning, the silhouette form appeared again and this time beckoned on him with her fingers.

    He could all too well guess who that shadow belonged to.

    "Lorelei" he said under his breath, as he looked around the hallway, scanning to see if anyone was present.

    Everywhere was empty, except two guards stationed at the hallway entrance.

    So, he quickly dashed and pursued after the shadow.

    He followed it till the shadow took a turn. He rushed after it and took the same turn but the shadow was gone.

    He panted hard, and tried to steady his breathing.

    "You were slow" the low but cold voice sounded out and the King jumped in fright.

    When he turned around, he saw the Lady Lorelei standing with her arms behind her as she gazed upon him.

    "Lorelei, you scared the wit out of me."

    "Get a hold of yourself your majesty. You are king" she simply walked passed him as she made her way to a door at the far end.

    "Come" was all she said and he quickly followed behind her.

    She opened the door and they entered the room. Lorelei slowly closed the door after the king entered.

    It was just a plain, simple looking room. For most part, it was empty except for two chairs and a table which stood at one end of the room.

    It had just one window, which was the best source of light into the room. On the table was a lamp, it quickly came to life with a flick of her finger. Within a second, the room was bright and one could see clearly now.

    "So, what news did you have for me?"

    "I have news of the hybrid" as soon as she said that, the king's face beamed with smiles.

    "Yes... Where is she?" He asked eagerly.

    "She is in the Elven forest your majesty" Lorelei replied with so much calm.

    "Then what is the issue? What are we waiting for? We should grab her while we can" he said without thinking much.

    "King Bayard. You seem to be forgetting something, she is on Elven grounds."

    "Pfff why is that an issue? You can just sneak in with your powers and snatch her and be back in a jiffy" the king said.

    "It's not so simple your majesty."

    "Why is it not so? Do not tell me you are afraid of her powers Lorelei"

    As soon as he said that, she flared up in anger and the flames rose higher.

    He looked at the raging flames and then back at her.

    Slowly she caught her breath and calmed herself down. She walked up to the king and looked him in the eyes.

    "I do not fear nobody and definitely not a puny little hybrid sorceress  who know little or nothing about her powers."

    "Then why don't you have her?" He spat those words on her face.

    "Because she is accompanied by an elf."

    "What!" The king's jaw dropped as she dropped the bombshell on him.

    "So forgive me oh mighty king for not running up and snatching her instantly."

    "The elves are siding her? Those conniving bastards. How can King Regina forget the reason for this war and side her?"

    "I do not think he knows of this. The elves wouldn't side with the hybrid. Everyone wanted her eighteen years ago."

    "So, or are they tricking her in order to have her and her powers to themselves or what is happening?"

    "I do not think the king is aware of this. The elves and the fairies have been enemies for years now."

    "Or is she so dump not to know that every kingdom is after her?"

    "We do not know the extent to what she knows, but we do know this much, the Elven boy and her are headed towards the forest peak of the Elven forest."

    "To do what?"

    "No idea. But she is walking with a Big and Small white tiger-pheonix beast" she said filling him in.

    His eyes opened in utter shock at what she said.

    "A white tiger-pheonix beast! A big and a small one. What kind of girl is she? How did she manage to them that... " he had his mouth open as he stood in shock.

    "I have no idea your majesty."

    "Get her before King Regina gets her" he ordered.
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