44 Definitely Her 5

    It was the first time ever, seeing my daughter like that.

    She rushed from Adrazelle's hold and went to kneel besides Leia. Her gaze trailed to the dead merman, he had his fins, so I could well guess who he was.

    The next minute, I heard the sound of hooves. My eyes trailed and I saw King Regin and his Elves.

    His gaze trailed the body of the dead Elves, stopping for some seconds to look at their faces, as if taking each one and tucking it away in his memory.

    Finally his gaze left them and came to land on me.

    "King Draco, what is the meaning of this? Care to explain?"

    "It is not what it seems" I tried to explain  but my voice cut, betraying me.

    The honest truth was that I never knew what had happened and I didn't get the chance to find out from Isadora before they came.

    I just understood why Isadora let out such magical power surge, that merman must have been her friend. The one who captured my daughter's heart. I guessed, although the situation we met didn't show that.

    It actually looked like he died while that battle raged on. But the gaze Isadora had when she looked at him, was not one of an enemy but her eyes held love and sadness in them.

    "Not what it seems?" King Regin shouted. "I have seven dead bodies of my people on the ground. And that explosion a while ago, was definitely one of magic. Your people killed mine, how do you hope to compensate?"

    "We do not know the details of what happened. We would never attack first" I defended.

    "I am the one who have deads here, before this treaty goes further, you must compensate. An eye for an eye."

    "What!  You want me to kill my people?"

    "No, kill those who did this..."

    "How dare you demand for compensation!"

    Isadora who was silently weeping before, suddenly lashed out.

    "Tame her, how dare her talk to me and who is she to interrupt?"

    "Isadora" I called to her.

    She got up, ignored me and went to stand in front of King Regin.

    "How dare I? I lost my mother and the man I love today, all because of your Elves. How dare I? Where were you when your Elves attacked me? Why didn't you put a leash on your dog Elves huh?"

    "I killed them, right after they killed him" she pointed at the merman.

    "You want compensation? Very well then, if you want my head, come for it. Cause as of this day there shall be no peace treaty. I severe all relations we have with you. Now I know, the Elves can never be trusted."

    She spat those words at King Regin.

    "Know your place or I would teach you" the crown Prince rode forward and shouted at Isadora.

    "Know my place? Look here Elven Prince, you are on my land, my turf, if I were you, I would watch what I say."

    "Isadora" I shouted.

    I was angry, frustrated. I hadn't come to terms with the death of Leia. I could never accept it. I needed to know what happened and who my enemies were.

    "Father, I lost mother" a tear slid down her face as she said that word. It touched me deeply and broke my heart.

    "And as new Queen of the fairies" even with the tears falling freely now, I saw a changed and determined look on her face. "I Isadora, daughter of Queen Leia and heir to King Draco, Princess of Fortland declare... There shall be no peace treaty."

    I saw the shock on the Elves faces. They never expected the princess to be this fierce and powerful obviously, but circumstances had brought out the strong in my daughter.

    "This between King Draco and I to settle the treaty not for a child who doesn't know how to handle matters of state and speaks on impulse and anger" Regin regained his composure and shouted on Isadora.

    That was it, no one speaks to my daughter in such manners. I could bet that she could handle matters of state even more than his so called Crown Prince.

    Speaking of which, the crown prince hung his head a bit low this time. Isadora had put him in his place.

    "King Regin, you would speak to a Queen with the respect due to her."

    "I see. Meaning you would not compensate" he said again.

    "Compensate you. You still don't get it, do you? Hand over my daughter for you to kill... " I laughed sarcastically before I continued.

    "I would never hand over my Isadora nor any of my people. You asked for compensation, your Elves attacked her. How do you explain their dead bodies on my land? You should compensate."

    "No one could bear witness. Why should I trust the words of your daughter when she was involved in the fight. For all I know she may be lying."

    "... "
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