45 Definitely Her 6

    "No one could bear witness. Why should I trust the words of your daughter when she was involved in the fight. For all I know she may be lying."

    That was it, I had enough of this King Regin.

    "You have insulted my daughter and myself enough Regin. As she said, there would be no peace treaty. I was foolish thinking we could reason with an Elf. Out of my lands this minute."

    That's it I had given my decree and so it stands. They had hurt my daughter and killed my sunshine. I had condoled a lot for the sake of this treaty, no more.

    "Very well. Enemies we shall stay. Let us go with our dead, we are on enemy territory" King Regin ordered.

    Other Elves came and picked up the dead bodies and they left from whence they had come.

    I turned to look at Isadora, "let us return to the palace."

    "Yes father, but the mer-prince comes with me" she stated her condition.

    "As you wish."

    I used my magic to protect the bodies of Leia and the mer-prince, the fairies carried them as they flew towards the palace. Isadora decided to fly alongside her mother and the mer-prince. I on the other hand, rode with the mages.

    We rode on in silence back to the palace. I had lost a friend, a queen and a wife. My daughter had lost a friend, a mother, a queen and the one she loved.

    I was grieving but she grieved more. I wished I could have stayed in bed with her this morning. Then, perhaps she would still be alive now.

    I promised her to stay with her when I returned. I lost my sunshine, can the heavens be any crueler?

    When we arrived at the palace, Isadora and the fairies went to separate rooms with the bodies.

    Later the body of Leia was sent to my chambers like I ordered. When I came in, there she lay pretty on the bed in a new and fine blue gown.

    Her hands were held together on her stomach. She looked as pretty as always. All the bloodstains were now a forgotten history.

    I walked up to the bed and gazed down lovingly at her. I cast a spell on her to preserve her body and enclose her body fragrance in the room.

    I had taken my bath, so I claimed into the bed and laid by her side as I rolled to my side so I can watch her as she lay in her final rest.

    Since I promised her to be with her when I returned, that I did.

    "My sunshine" I didn't realize when the tears started rolling down my cheeks as I knew I had lost the one I loved the most in this world.

    I stayed there by her side for three days and three nights as I mourned my loss.

    **Flashback Ends**

    I sighed as I sat up from bed, what a way to start a morning remembering painful past.

    You can't blame me, I have been lonely, so lonely these days, no wife, daughter or granddaughter.

    I never got to hold my grandchild in my arms before she was taken away, never to be seen again. Well there is hope now, now I know Isadora is still alive and out there.

    I left bed and put on a robe as I left my chambers briefly. Later I went on my daily activities and to the throne room to sit. My mind kept on drifting back to that day after I ended my indoor mourning.


    After three days of being alone with her, finally I left my chambers. I asked after Isadora once I was out.

    I found out from the fairy attendants that she had taken the mer-prince to a separate room in the palace and prepared him a magic glass coffin to preserve his body.

    And that she had taken over ruling in my absence. True she was now Queen of the fairies by birth right and princess to the mages but she ruled both kingdoms and people perfectly.

    We had both lost the ones we loved, but she  had lost a great deal. She loved both parties dearly, yet she reigned with so much strength and carried on.

    She held on tight more than I ever did. I was told she would rule and handle matters of state during the day and at night, she would visit the room she kept the dead mer-prince.

    That was were she slept for those three days, by his side and mourned. All through that day, it felt like she avoided me because I couldn't get a glimpse of her as she handled everything.

    But I knew where she would be at night. So I went to the room to wait for her arrival.
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