48 Definitely Her 9

    Shock was registered on the faces of the others. "His majesty's granddaughter" Alatar said.

    "The Princess!"

    "Astrid... "

    "Meaning, the Queen is still lost?"

    "If we are correct then she is in grave danger your majesty" Alatar quickly added as he looked at me.

    "Which direction did the explosion occur at?" I asked them.

    "It came from the Elven Kingdom your majesty."

    "What! What are we waiting for. Double our attack, we must break this barrier as soon as possible. The Elves wouldn't spare her life, be it Isadora or Astrid" I shouted giving the orders as panick arose in my heart.

    I couldn't lose another member of my family, definitely not the grandchild I was yet to see.


    Author's POV

    In the crystal palace, the Queen of the merfolk  sits on her throne as she listened to her courtier present matters of the kingdom to her.

    She wore a golden sleeveless top that stopped just at her waist. Her hair was let down as it cascaded on her body, she held a trident in her right hand and it made her look all powerful.

    Her eyes matched her tail, with some gold sparkles on her fins. She wore a golden crown and she was just a symbol of paragon beauty..

    True, she was queen and pretty, but her magnificent long eye lashes, perfect deep blue eyes, pointed nose, smooth cheek bones and pert rosy lips, made her the most beautiful creature in the sea.

    As she listened with rapt attention, there was a blast.


    The walls of her castle shook with tremendous force. Decorations and corals fell on the ground from where they were hung.

    "Mother! Mother!"

    She turned to the direction of the voice, a mermaid who looked just like her but in a younger version came rushing in as she kept on calling...


    A feminine  sweet voice called out.

    "Kaia" she swarm from where she sat on her throne high up and rushed to her daughter just has she entered the throne room.

    Her beautiful waist long blonde hair floated enchantingly behind her as she swam to hold her daughter.

    "Mother! That was her wasn't it? She's at it again" Princess Kaia said to her mother with a panicked expression.

    "Shh Kaia calm down, you are having a panic attack" the queen tried to calm her princess.

    "This time it was more powerful your majesty" her royal adviser said as he rushed into the room.

    "It is definitely her mother, but why... "

    "Where is Alvaro? Why haven't you lured her in? What is going on in the surface? And where did that explosion come from?"

    The Queen turned and threw the questions at her royal adviser.


    "What is it Kaia?"

    "Your majesty" a merman with black hair and an armour rushed into the throne room.

    She turned her head at the intruder, "Alvaro!"

    "Your majesty, the princess got attacked in the Elven forest".


    "We really need to get her before they do. She is our only hope to get Isadora undone."

    "Make arrangements. We must have her and no other kingdom would, send word the day of her capture is eminent."

    "Yes your majesty" Alvaro and her Royal adviser said in unison and left the throne room.

    "Kaia, what is it?" Queen Marceline moved closer to her daughter and held her hands.

    "It's just... I-I... " she sighed.

    "Okay, let us go to my room alright?"

    "As you wish mother" they both swam out of the throne room leaving her courtier behind.

    "Well I guess matters of state would wait till Princess Kaia is okay" he sighed and went to sit down near a seaweed.

    "If only her majesty would look past her rage."


    In a cave surrounded by trees and gigantic stones, somewhere far off in the Elven forest.

    The flames in the middle, flickered as they danced to the rhythm of the cool breeze blowing calmly into the cave.

    At one corner lay two beasts, a big white tiger-pheonix beast and its cub. Their eyes held a particular kind of sadness.

    At another corner of the cave, a body lay on the ground, with a cloth covering it and a bag for a pillow.

    By its side was seated a young man in black cloak as he bent his head and raised it occasionally to stare at the body.

    "Please wake up" he muttered under his breath.

    He had his legs clutched to his chest as he wrapped his arms around them. Often, he'd take a sneak peak at the duo by the opposite corner.

    "At least they are okay. Thank you, so please wake up. You are scarring them" he whispered to himself.

    After another ten minutes of being like that...

    Eyes open, slowly, the flames seemed bright, they close shut again. The body opened them again, she had beautiful black orbs as she tried to take in her surroundings.

    Her eyes finally landed on the young man by her side.

    "How had she got here in a few seconds?" Was the question that kept plundering her mind. The next thing...

    "Aerrrchim" she sneezed.

    He shot his head up at once and looked in her direction.
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