51 Emergency

    "Send for Lorelei!" King Bayard ordered.

    "Yes your majesty" Gerald said with a bow and exited the throne room.

    Half way into his journey to Lady Lorelei's chambers he saw her silhouette form from a distance taking a bend.

    "Where is she going at a time like this?" He said to himself and quickly followed her.

    He took the same bend down a corridor but after a some time came to a dead end.

    "Shit, I lost her" he said frustratedly.

    "Why are you following me?" Her voice came from behind him, calm and cold.

    He jumped in shock as he turned to look at her, "Jeez Lorelei, you scared the life out of me" he put a hand on his chest hoping to steady his already fast heart beat.

    "Your life is still in you Gerald."

    "Really now! Anyway can you just stop doing that!"

    "It depends" she stated flatly, while turning to take her leave.

    "Depends on what?"

    "If you stop following, now and in the future."

    "Why would I?"

    "Yuck Gerald, are you a stalker" she tried her best not to show him how worried she was.

    "No I'm not" he said tailing behind her.

    "Leave me be."

    "I can't" she slowed down her pace.


    "The King sent for you" she stopped and he walked into her not expecting the abrupt stop.

    "Ouch" she raised an eye brow at him.


    "What? You just stop midway in a walk" he rubbed his nose with his hand.

    "Why didn't you say so earlier?"

    "I just told you, you stopped... "

    "King Bayard, Gerald!"

    "Ohh well if you haven't scared me back there then I would have. By the way where were you headed right after that tremendous explosion?"

    "To take care of something important" she kept on walking.

    "What is it Lorelei? What have you done?"

    "Nothing that concerns you" he quickly grabbed her left hand.

    "It does Lorelei. Tell me what did you do or I won't let you go."

    "For your information, there is nothing that can hold me actually, but I would let you know as you would soon find out anyway."

    "I may have somewhat caused that explosion."

    His eyes opened wide in shock. "WHAT!!!"

    "Get yourself together. I need to move fast, she is in the Elven forest."

    "Is the King aware of this?"

    "Yes. I know he would have a feat but, I need to clear things. Let's hurry to the throne room. Time is of the essence."

    They rush to the throne room and the guards open the doors to let them in.

    "Greetings your majesty, you sent for me" Lorelei quickly said with a bow.

    "Yes I did. Can you explain to me what that explosion was all about?"

    "We lost your majesty" Lorelei said with a calm expression on her face.

    "You what!!?"

    Lorelei simply cast a glance at the Crown Prince and faced the king instead.

    "WE lost, your majesty" she repeated again, this time emphasizing we.

    "I told you to do whatever it took to get her, not alert the whole magical realm of her whereabouts."

    "It wasn't supposed to happen this way. I watched it all happen, she was losing, we were winning but at the dying minute when we were to kill her companions, that happened" she pointed towards the Elven kingdom.

    "What really happened?"

    "It was never expected, the force behind this magic explosion was stronger than anything I had ever seen before. Even Isadora's power surge was half of what this was."

    They all stared at each other as they came to realization of what had happened.

    "The power was the same as the power surge she used to end the battle eighteen years ago but what made it better was the control she had on the elements even with such power surge."

    "You mean the hybrid... " King Bayard began but stopped midway into his sentence.

    "She is more powerful than her mother. My men couldn't withstand her, it wasn't supposed to happen your majesty."

    "But it did happen this way and you lost. You lost Lady Lorelei, now see where it has gotten us to!" Crown Prince Owen stood up in anger.

    Lady Lorelei still ignored him and fixed her gaze on the king.

    "Your majesty although WE lost, one still have to clear up everything. If you'll excuse me please, I need to take care of things before the arrival of the Elves. It is an emergency."

    "True, we do not want King Regin finding out about anything. Hurry now before it is too late."

    "Yes your majesty" she bowed her head, turned and left the throne room.

    "Father, can you entrust such a thing to her? I mean she caused such huge failure. The whole magic realm would be in an uproar to get her" Prince Owen asked the King feeling uncertain.
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