55 The Thief 2

    "All right, I guess you have you cut the criminal now!!"

    "No father."


    "What!!??" After all his talking, he had actually thought his son had caught the criminal.

    "We haven't" Prince Owen stated flatly.

    "But you earlier said that today wasn't his lucky day. So what did you mean by that statement if you haven't cut him yet?"

    "You misunderstood father."

    "No, I think your brain could form a proper statement" King Bayard murmured to himself.

    "Did you say something father?"

    "No, carry on" he lied.

    "What I meant was that today wouldn't be his lucky day. We plan on pushing him out. We know his next victim, so we would hide in the house and around to catch him. When he makes his appearance, we would subdue him."

    "How do you plan on entering that house with so many guards and you do not think he is staking out, watching the compound?"

    "It would just be myself, Ian and Ivan. Lord Edward would sit this one out. We would enter as rich guest from from his extended family coming to visit. While other guards would stake out, some as sellers, some as buyers and some as guards in the market, all watching for any suspicious person."

    "Okay that would work, how about at night?"

    "Yes, the buyers would leave, the sellers would pack their things but some would hide themselves in a store. The original shop owner would come and lock the shop with the others inside as goods he came to offload."

    "Very well, that's a nice plan. All that is remaining is for this night."

    "You seem to be forgetting something father."

    "And what would that be?"

    "Me, all that is remaining is for Ian, Ivan and myself to arrive in the evening, then we would stay over as it would be too late to leave."

    "Okay, have you got everything prepared?"

    "Yes Father, I only came to check up on you and ask about Lady Lorelei."

    "What about Lorelei?"

    "Has she cleared her mess? I haven't heard anything" Prince Owen tried to pry news from his father.

    "No she hasn't sent word to me, but I had a maid send for her" King Bayard explained.

    "The insolence, you give her far too much freedom and freehand to do as she please, father. Does she even respect the crown? How could she not come to report to you after  four days when she knows this is a case of an emergency?"

    King Bayard has had it with his blabbing. Yes Lorelei was wrong for not seeing him since but this brat of his knows nothing of all the help she has helped him. He wouldn't tolerate him talking anyhow about her.

    "Shut your mouth Owen. Not another word about Lorelei, if you can't keep your mouth shut or you don't like my decision and wait then by all means leave this place immediately" King Bayard yelled at him.

    He has had it with his stupid son. Just because he could handle a case doesn't mean he could tell him how to handle his sorceress.

    Shocked, Prince Owen kept quiet and went to sit down beside his father to wait.

    He was already angry with the way his father shut him up for saying the truth but he wanted to be part of this whole fiasco.

    He wanted to hear her excuse, so he did as what his father commanded. He shut up, say down and waited. After all he still had time before he left to carry out his plan. He would wait.


    Down the hall and passage way, at the opposite side of the palace. In a chamber, the rooms were dark with little light in place.

    The first room had a book shelf containing magical books. There was also potions of different kinds on another shelf, a big table and three chairs.

    On the table where some books opened down,  potions, bowls, a big magical ball and different other magical things.

    The adjourning room was the bedroom, it had two beds. On one of the beds lay a young man, he was dressed in a black trousers.

    The upper part of his body lay bare except for the bandage that wrapped his right arm and and his stomach. He was sound asleep with beads of sweat on his forehead, nose and chin.

    A lady walked up to the man on the bed with a bowl of water and a clean white napkin.

    She got to his side and sat down on the bed, placing the bowl in her hand on the stool next to the bed.

    The light in the bedroom room shone on her face. The Lady Lorelei adjusted herself in her sitting position. She reached out her hand and touched his forehead and neck, he was burning hot.

    "His temperature is increasing, the fever just won't stop. Damn that hybrid!!" she cursed under her breath as she felt her anger rise from every thought of the situation.
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