57 I Miscalculated

    "We have her cornered. All we need to do is take care of the beasts first then the Elf goes down and she as well."

    "Yes Cullen" Lorelei's eyes met his, "But do not forget we need her unharmed" she reminded him.

    "Absolutely My Lady, as you wish."

    "Good, go make preparations" she dismissed him with a wave of her fingers as her gaze drifted back to her magical orb.

    *Flashback Ends*

    "And now this happened, I underestimated this girl, I miscalculated, she'll pay for what she's done to you Cullen. I'll make sure of that" Lorelei said while clenching her fist as she cast a loving gaze at the young man on the bed.

    "Thank goodness I got there in time, if not you'd have been in the Elven prison by now or worst Cullen" she sighed feeling a little bit frustrated.

    She took the warm cloth from his forehead and went to discard the water and rinse the cloth. As she was coming back with a fresh cloth and water she heard a sound.

    "Arrghh hmmm" it was more of a groaning. She stopped dead in her tracks as she looked at the direction the sound was coming from.

    The young man Cullen was stirring on the bed as he groaned in pain. Lorelei had a shocked expression as she stood rooted to the floor.

    He hadn't been awake since she brought him back, he was unconscious and continually burning up.

    A tear dropped from her eyes, the bowl and cloth she was holding fell from her hands, without wasting time she rushed to his side and held him down.

    "Cullen, Cullen, Cullen" she called out.

    Hearing his name his eyes flung open as he stared into her eyes. "M-My Lady" he blurted out.

    "Cullen" another tear dropped from her face and fell on his face, she had a smile on her face and she hugged him close.

    He felt pain from her contact but this was a first, so he just gritted his teeth and swallowed the pain. His Guardian hadn't hugged him since he was a boy and now this.

    He felt so happy, happy to have her hug him, happy to have her she'd a tear because of him and happy to see her again.

    Back there in the forest, he had thought he was a goner when the hybrid unleashed her power in full force, but now he couldn't have been more grateful.

    She finally let go and sat down on the bed beside him.

    "My Lady, why are you crying? Did you miss me so much?" He joked.

    Lorelei hit him lightly on his injured arm. "Oucchh that hurts" he cried.

    "Ohh I guess I should do more then."

    "What! You are hitting an injured person My Lady."

    "Umm you look fine to me" she smiled as she saw his ever cheerful side again.

    Unknowingly, she had missed him so much, yes he pestered her but still he was like a son to her and she almost lost him.

    He put on a serious face as he apologized to her. "My Lady, I am sorry. You warned me and I failed the mission still and had to trouble you to clean up my mess."

    He didn't have the courage to look her up in the eye as he felt ashamed of himself, but what she did, he least expected it.

    She turned his face to look at her using one of her hands. "You didn't disappoint me Cullen. I am not angry at you but at myself. I miscalculated, had I known and thought it through that pushing her and cornering her would bring her to her limit, I wouldn't have asked you to do so."

    "It's not your fault" he tried consoling her. His eyes held a warmth that could heal a broken heart.

    "It is Cullen, I would never had forgiven myself or her if anything had happened to you."

    "It is okay My Lady, thank you for rescuing me."

    "By the way, were you having a dream just now?"

    He nodded his head, "Tell me" she put back on her serious and expressionless face.

    "It wasn't anything serious" he lied to her.

    Just now he was having a dream of being trapped to a tree in the Elven forest and the hybrid princess was walking towards him with  a ball of magic in one hand and fire in the other as she prepared to hurl it at him.

    Everything seemed so real, he was struggling to free himself and that was why he was stirring on the bed in physical.

    She knew he lied but she wasn't going to probe him, perhaps he didn't want to trouble her further.

    Bang! Bang!!

    A knock was heard on the door to her chambers. "Come in" she said loud enough for the person to hear.

    A maid entered and bowed to her. "Greetings My Lady, greetings Sir Cullen. His Majesty as requested your presence in the throne room" she still had her head low not to be rude to the Lady.

    "Very well, you may go" she said without any emotion in her voice.

    "Thank you, My Lady" she turned to take her leave.

    "Wait... "
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