59 Young General

    The doors opened and Gerald entered the throne room.

    "Greetings Your Majesty" he bowed to the King. "Your Royal Highness, Lady Lorelei" he bowed his head to the Prince and gave a nod to Lorelei.

    "Welcome Gerald, although you came late, but Lorelei has filled us in on how she took care of everything" King Bayard adjusted himself in his throne as he spoke.

    "I see, that is very good Lady Lorelei" Gerald turned to Lorelei by his side and gave her a small smile with a face of slight doubt.

    "Yes" King Bayard came got up from his throne and took the three steps down to meet them.

    He got in front of them and looked at them one after the other. He had a smile of relief plastered on his face.

    "Umm by the way Gerald, we would be withdrawing our pursuit of the hybrid" he said patting Gerald's shoulders.

    "What! Your Majesty, why?"

    Gerald was stunned, shocked, bewildered, name it. The King had done almost everything and anything he could to have this hybrid and rule the magical realm, and now he wants to stop?

    "Forgive me Your Majesty but might I ask why?" He asked again.

    King Bayard walked away from them towards a table at a corner in the throne room. On top of the table was a strategy board meant for planning battle strategies.

    "You see Gerald" he took a pawn piece from the board and wiggled it in his hand. "With the happenings going on right now, the best thing is to withdraw."

    "But your majesty, the Elves would have her. Everything we've worked for, up till this point, we can't just call it quits" Gerald tried to convince the King, he took a step forward and then turned to face Prince Owen for help.

    "Gerald, no one is calling quits, have you heard the phrase, live to fight another day?" He had a smile that reached up to his eyes as he looked at his adviser.

    "Yes your majesty, but who are we running from?"

    "No one, we stop pursuit to prevent this kingdom from falling into war with the Elves. No matter how the hybrid runs or hides, she would definitely head out of Elven land to find her mother and people."

    "Ohh" he felt stupid for not thinking of that earlier. "Pardon my wrong assumptions your majesty" he bowed his head.

    Gerald was more than thankful the people in the throne room were those he could be comfortable with, if not, he would not have the courage to look them in the eye again.

    King Bayard walked back to the throne and sat down idly. "Anything else your majesty?" Lorelei asked.

    King Bayard seemed thoughtful as he held his chin and furrowed his brows.

    "Your Majesty!!" lady Lorelei called out to him but he was in thoughts. "Your Majesty!!" She increased her tempo and he heard this time.

    He looked shocked with the way she called his name. He was deep in thoughts. "Yes, yes Lorelei, where is Cullen?" King Bayard asked.

    Lorelei's eyes opened wide in shock, before quickly tucking away her expression and assuming her calm demeanor.

    "I haven't seen him in days. Where did he wander off to?"

    "What does his majesty need Cullen for if I may ask?"

    "Well, would want him to personally train Owen here to be a really fine swordsman and archer. Owen is good but I need him to be at his best and Cullen is just right for the job" he replied her.

    "I am sorry but Cullen wouldn't be able to do so at the moment your majesty" she furrowed her brows as he awaited his response.

    "Kindly ask no more King Bayard" she thought to herself.

    "So where is my brave lad?" King Bayard pushed with it.

    Prince Owen's countenance darkened as he felt jealous, seeing as his father favored Lady Lorelei's ward and always praised him rather his own son.

    No response.

    "Where is your ward Lorelei? Where is my Young General?" He yelled the last part.

    At a young age, Cullen advanced in military rank and became a general. His skills were extraordinary and he was exceptionally smart.

    He won battle strategies and played with them like the palm of his hands, but he failed one simple capturing attempt and that was the one with Astrid. He underestimated his opponent greatly and it cost him dearly.

    Lorelei noticed that she couldn't escape King Bayard this time, so she gave in and spilled the beans.

    "He is recuperating your majesty" she lowered her gaze to avoid his.

    "What do you mean recuperating? Was he in a fight? Who dared do that to him?" King Bayard yelled once more.

    "He led the mission to capture the hybrid, his team members died, save him and one other person from his team."

    King Bayard gave a look of utmost shock as he found it hard for his brains to come to terms with what he just heard.

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