62 Jareth

    He stood tall at the entrance of the cave. His cloak was pulled a bit to the sides and his hood was let down, which gave a clear view of his face and features.

    Long eye lashes, not too full brows, green eyes that shone, straight pointed nose, thin lips, high cheekbones and a long neck. He looked heavenly, simply put he was handsome.

    He had a complete blonde hair, with woven strands at either sides of his hair and packed firmly at the back. Some strands fell forward on his chest, giving him an enchanting look.

    He wore a black pair of trouser, a brown knee high leather boots, a grey colored long sleeved shirt.

    He had his arrows trapped well to his back with a cross brown belt. He wore a brown garter belt on his waist, at his sides were his sword and a dagger. In his right hand he held a green gourd  of water.

    As soon as he entered the cave, his eyes landed on the big white tiger-pheonix beast and then trailed down to where Astrid sat on the ground.

    Unconsciously he loosened his grip on the water gourd in his hands and it fell to the ground. However, just before it landed, Astrid quickly stretched forth her hand at the water gourd and stopped nit in the air.

    Jareth quickly regained himself and took the bottle from the position Astrid stopped it in. She let go of her hold on her magic and breathed in satisfaction.


    "Astrid!" He still couldn't believe his eyes at what she saw, as he dazed and Astrid didn't remove her gaze from him.

    They kept on staring at each other, no one saying anything else, like their eyes did all the talking.


    *Jareth's POV*

    After I finished everything to cover our tracks and made sure the soldiers wouldn't be on our trail, I headed back to the cave with the gourd of water in my hand.

    I picked up some fruits for her, three apples and some edible berries all wrapped up in a cloth in my other hand.

    As soon as I entered the cave, I noticed that the big white tiger-pheonix beast had left its original lying position. I furrowed my brows and my gaze trailed to where it was looking at and landed on her.


    Boom! Boom!

    The feeling of my heart beat increased, it was as though my heart would burst out of my chest any second. The loud thud enough to deafen ones ear drums.

    She sat up and as I entered all heads turned in my direction, except for the small white tiger-pheonix beast, it nestled itself on her thighs.

    I couldn't believe my eyes, its not that I didn't want her to wake up, I just was not expecting her to so soon.

    After her power surge and she blacked out for days, I admit it worried me so much. The first time I saw her and she was close to dying, she only slept for a day and a half, with signs of waking up.

    However, this time around, she didn't wake up one bit and slept for four days straight, only for her to get up and collapsed right in my hands when she tried to think back to what had happened that day.

    So I was surprised that she woke up soon and I was grateful that she did.

    I relaxed my raging heart and my grip loosened a bit, I lost control and the water gourd fell from my hands.

    Before I could do anything, she was faster, she stretched her left hand and suspended the water gourd with her magic.

    Slowly, I peeled my eyes away from her and grabbed the water gourd back. She withdrew her hand and placed it back on the little white tiger-pheonix beast.

    "Jareth!" Her voice came in quiet but loud, like it conveyed a message more than just my name.

    I returned my gaze back to her face, "Astrid!" My voice carrying the same tone and weight.

    We didn't say anything more, we just stared at each other as though our eyes conveyed the message..

    Her eyes had return to its usual pitch black color which seemed to drown you in and suck you away in eternal darkness if one looked too deep.

    I liked it, but I loved the orange sapphire and blue ones more. In her eyes, I could see and feel that she longed and yearned for something, but for what?

    I wasn't certain, all of a sudden I felt so drawn to it and I knew my eyes held the same in their depths. I could feel it, a slight pain in my heart.

    Why would I yearn and long? I had never felt this way before, I longed to protect and to hold her.

    Neither of us acted on this so called feelings. We still stared at each other and I found my lost voice and opened my mouth finally.

    "Astrid!" I felt a loosening sensation in my stomach after mentioning her name. The knot in my stomach I didn't notice before finally came undone.
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