65 It Was You 1

    "You took over after I had blacked out and caused you so much trouble."

    "Hmm, eat and regain your strength" he replied her and went back to sit down.

    "From tomorrow, you would start training."

    "Please would you teach me how to fight?"

    They both said almost at the same time. "Nice that we are on the same page. We start tomorrow at dawn, eat and rest today."



    In the human kingdom, Prince Owen and the soldiers all prepare for the attack tonight.

    Some soldiers took their place inside goods, stores and some hid in various places near the house of the eleventh man.

    Three men with on three horses with two body guards trekking, arrived at a duplex near the market place. The men were all dressed in wealthy raiment, one of the guards walked ahead of the masters and knocked on the gates of the eleventh man.

    In a matter of seconds, a guard opened the gates and inquired their business. After some minutes, he dashed into the house and arrived back in a jiffy with the owner of the house.

    The eleventh man came out to welcome them, he was dressed in a similar wealthy material as the men. By now the three men had come down and they hugged him.

    He gestured towards the gates and the guard opened the gates to let them in. After their entry, he closed the gates back.

    Not too far in the distance, on a roof a man bent low and watched from afar what was going on in the house.

    He furrowed his brows into a M shape as he tried to make out what was happening.

    "Ohh must be his guest relatives. Stupid man" the man murmured to himself. "Nevertheless, plans must go accordingly."

    He was dressed in a brown trousers, matching brown boots, a black turtle neck long sleeved shirt, a black cloth tied on his face leaving just the eyes.

    On the side of his left eye, there was a scar drawn from his forehead down to his left eye. His eyes, the look in them was cold, they were sharp, precise, calculating and fierce.

    His arms were muscular, he tied a black clogh on either arm. He wore a pair of black gloves on either of his hands, then a black cloak hung over his shoulders.

    He picked a small bag near his feet where he hid and ransacked the bag bringing out its content. He did this for sometime making sure all his tools were available.

    When he was quite satisfied, he lay back on the roof top with his stomach as he intently watched the house.

    Inside the house of the eleventh man, the three men were led to his study by a servant, with him following behind them.

    "Make sure no one disturbs us" he said to one of his guards. "And you" he pointed at the second guard, "Have Sabina send in the dish prepared for my guests."

    "Yes Sir" both guards bowed their heads and left.

    He made his way to his study and entered, closing the door behind him.

    The three men were already seated in his study. One sat on the chair right in front of his main desk while the other two sat on the cushion.

    He quickly made his way to his desk and bowed to the man sitting on the chair opposite from him.

    "Greetings your highness. I apologize for my earlier behaviour outside."

    "It's okay, we needed to make him come out and not feel as though we have him planned."

    "I agree your highness. Thank you for your help" the man bowed to him again.

    "It's nothing, we are only ensuring peace reigned in the kingdom."

    "Yes your highness. I must commend your efforts."

    "Now, hope everything is in place for the attack?" He turned his head to look at his subordinates.

    "Yes your highness, when we attack him, the signal would be given for them to be on the look out just in case he escapes. And some of our men are already in here disguised as his guards and some hidden in his barn" Ian explained.

    "Splendid. Everything is set, all that is left is for you to leave your bedroom window open a bit and count your money, then hide in your drawer before leaving for bed tonight."

    "Yes your highness."

    "Do not forget to close your window but not pin it Mr Brandon" Prince Owen cautioned.

    "Yes, yes, I would not your highness. Thank you for the warning."


    A knock on the door was heard, all heads turned in the direction of the door, then back at Mr Brandon.

    "Who is that?" He bellowed in anger. "Didn't I instruct that we should not be disturbed?" He shouted again.

    "I am sorry Master, you asked that I bring the dish for your guests."

    That was when it dawned on him that he was the one at fault.

    "Sorry your highness, I had them make a special dinner for you and your men."

    Prince Owen gave a nod and Mr Brandon went ahead to open the door.

    They rushed after the thief
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