74 He Is Not The One 2

    "Let her in," King Bayard's voice came out calm and cool. The doors to the throne room opened, a young girl in her late teens graciously walked in.

    She had dark brown hair like her mother's, but hers was a lot longer than Lady Erwina's. Her hair was packed all back, falling loosely at her back, coming to a stop at her waist.

    She had a pair of light brown orbs, like her father, matched with her long dark eye lashes.  She also got her mother's pointed long nose, which wasn't too big or small, just in the right proportion. Her rosy cheeks were stained with a faint pink blush which complimented her pink succulent lips.

    Princess Cyrena looked like her mother in many ways, but she still had a long way to go when it came to bodily features. She wore a purple gown that hugged the upper part of her body so tight, showing her full B- Cup breast, and slim waist.

    From the waist, it fled down to her toes, covering her black shoes. It was a long sleeved dress with a halter neck, and unlike her mother, she wasn't enshrouded in jewelries, just one bracelet to adorn her left wrist.

    "Greetings Your Majesty," she curtsied with a bow and stood straight right after.

    "My lovely Cyrena. Always a beauty to behold."

    "Thank you father," she flashed him a touch of her charming smile, which took a lot of practicing, to be just as cunning and deceptive as her mother. "I trust father is well?"

    "Yes I am, my beauty," King Bayard replied her with a glint of admiration in his eyes. That's how much he loved his daughter, as beautiful as her mother- brave, smart and clever. If only his son could have those qualities, perhaps he would have felt more at ease.

    Slowly, she shifted her gaze to her brother, the Crown Prince, "Greetings brother" she bowed her head in respect to him.

    "How do you do, Cyrena?" Prince Owen asked her.

    "Fine, I must say. Thank you for your concern. I trust brother is well?"

    "I am well Cyrena, everything is all right."

    "Greetings, Princess Cyrena" Gerald greeted her with a bow of his head.

    "Ahh, Grand Advisor Gerald, good to see you."

    King Bayard watched her exchange pleasantries with his son and Gerald, before moving to the subject of why she was here. "What brings you here, my beauty?"

    "I heard brother had found the culprit to the theft incidents," she said but stopped mid way. "I came to hear about it, I believe you are about to inform father about that."

    "Hmm, Cyrena you are interested in matters of  the kingdom now... " there was malice in his voice, but he smiled to conceal his true intention.

    Gerald faced palmed himself, while watching quietly at the side. "What is he trying to pull off with that?" Gerald thought.

    Needless to say, Princess Cyrena understood her brother all too well. Being the cunning little devil her mother had bred, she struck back at him.

    "Why wouldn't I? I have always been interested in the kingdom's affairs and learned from the masters. As a matter of fact, I should be asking you that brother, seeing as ... "

    Before she could continue, King Bayard raised his hand to stop their bickering. Cyrena turned her gaze back to her father and bowed her head, "My apologies father, I spoke out of turn. My apologies brother, don't mind this little sister of yours."

    "Good thing you realize when you are wrong Cyrena. Anyways, let's continue with the case before us. As I was saying before your arrival, since all evidence points to him, then tomorrow he will be brought before me and I shall pass my judgement."

    "Thank you father" Prince Owen bowed to his father, his eyes gleaming with pride and glee. Little did he know that it would be fleeting, it would come to an end shortly.

    "I'm afraid father, but Mr Greg is not the culprit. He is not the one you are looking for."

    "What! What do you mean by that, Cyrena? Are you trying to say I am a liar or that I do not know what I am doing?" His voice became deeper and louder as he replied his sister angrily.

    "You get me wrong brother. I do not mean that. It is just that the evidence, they... "

    "Are you questioning the validity of the evidence? What better evidence would you have than all the money and robes being found in Mr Greg's possessions?"

    She sighed, taking a deep breathe before turning to face her father. "Arguing with this stupid half-brother of mine would yield no good. Father is not as hot headed as he is" she whispered to herself.

    "Your majesty, I find it hard to believe, that a man as weak as Mr Greg, would be as skilled as fighting the Crown Prince and his guards off and escaping. I believe that there is much more deeper story behind this - a conspiracy perhaps."

    "Hmmm," King Bayard muttered under his breath. His eyes dimmed, his chin rested on his left hand as he pondered on the matter, no one spoke during these fleeting minutes, they all looked at him, earnestly awaiting his reply.

    He lifted his eyes to look at his children, his eyes held wisdom in them and experience, he had seen situations like this before, things weren't what they always seemed to be.

    "Your Majesty?"

    "Cyrena... "
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