78 Elven Princess

    Jareth closed his eyes tight, hoping to block out Astrid's screams. Seconds later she stopped shouting, her eyes were wide open as  she gazed at the vast sky.

    With each passing second, her heart thudded in her chest. She had never experienced flying before, she didn't expected White-Fire to do that all of a sudden.

    She was still breathing hard and fast, panting like someone who ran a marathon. Jareth opened his eyes and smiled, he couldn't believe his eyes, she was scared out of her wit just now.

    He decided to tease her a bit and bit down on her ear lightly. She jerked in fear and almost dropped the little white tiger-pheonix beast.

    "Whoa, whoa, whoa. Easy there" he chuckled.

    "Not funny Jareth, not funny" she complained.

    "I'm sorry."

    He really had missed this fun side of her. Its been five days now, five days since their ambush. He didn't get to see her noisy side during those four days she passed out and it felt like she changed. He was a part of the cause and he couldn't deny it, he really missed her cheerful self during those days.

    "Lean in and relax" he encouraged her. Slowly, her let go of White-Fire's fur and rubbed her left hand, caressing her acupuncture point to ease her nerves.

    Little by little, she relaxed her body into his, all the tension and stiff muscles relaxing with her.  With body pressed on the other, Jareth couldn't help but take in a deep breath.

    "I am sorry" he apologized out of the blue.

    Her eyes opened wide with shock, she wasn't expecting him to do so all of a sudden. He awaited her response, but noticing her shocked expression, he continued. "I am sorry for everything."

    She closed her eyes and opened them again, making sure she wasn't imagining things. A small smile crept up her lips, her eyes and expression were fully relaxed now.

    She was sad about the incident. It was the first time she ever felt this wag about anybody. But something about his apology gave her ease, made it easier for her to come to terms with her current situation.

    They couldn't be, it was just a fantasy if she wished upon it, but having him as a friend was more than okay.

    "It is fine, Jareth" she replied him, "If there is anything, I am sorry for breaching your privacy."

    "Privacy?" He asked her, feigning ignorance. He knew what she meant but, he wanted to tease her and make her say the word.

    "The kiss." Her face flushed instantly, turning red and hot with embarrassment. "I'm sorry. I understand why you can't, and I am grateful for all your help and wouldn't want to ruin our friendship."

    He grinned when he noticed her embarrassment, he felt proud he could tease her anytime. He cleared his throat, "Same here, I wouldn't want that as well."

    "Thanks" they said together and chuckled right after. Her lips curved upwards, showing a few set of teeth as a bright smile appeared on her face. She was no longer sad,

    "Kids!!" White-Fire said to her with a sigh.


    The other Elven soldiers arrived at the scene and met the soldiers sprawled on the ground except one, he stood gazing at the open sky and only turned to greet them at their arrival.

    "Attend to them" Lieutenant Flynn ordered some soldiers by his side and made his way to the other soldier.

    "Lieutenant sir!"

    "What happened here? Where is the hybrid?" Lieutenant Flynn asked his second in command.

    With one knee to the ground and the other at a right angle, he half knelt, then placed his right hand on the raised leg and bowed his head. "Forgive me Lieutenant, she escaped" he said quickly.

    "What!!" He took in a deep breathe, closed his eyes as if sensing something, then opened them and quickly turned his head. "She is here."

    "Sir?" The second in command raised his head to look at the Lieutenant. "Who is here?  The hybrid? But they left... "

    "They?" He turned back to face his second in command.

    "Yes sir."

    "Hmm, she wasn't alone!! How many where they?" He questioned him. "Wait, she has come."


    She landed with her feet together and arms spread out to her side. They all rushed to where she stood, and bowed down to her.

    "Welcome Princess!" They chorused.


    They all raised their heads and stood straight. With one hand on her hips she looked at all the soldiers, taking in their countenance.  They put on a straight face as their eyes looked emotionless.

    A small smile pokered her lips, she was one hell of a dazzling beauty. The only female child of King Regin. She had a long blonde hair, reaching below her butt, a silver head bracelet gracefully adorned her hair.

    She had long eye lashes, slim brows, green sparkling eyes, straight pointed nose, thin lips and a high cheekbones.

    She wore a V-neck green fitted crop top that exposed her smooth white stomach, with silver armor lined around the edges, and covering her breast, a fled green and white skirt that tore at both of her sides and ended at her lower thigh.

    She had a knee high black boot on, an arm bracelet on her right hand and wore a black leather gloves on both arms. Her quilt, bow and arrows where strapped at her back.

    A black belt strapped around her waist, with daggers sheathed at either side of her waist. She was as skilled as the Princes, and was her father's pet, but she was the opposite when it came to fighting. Simply ruthless!!

    "What happened Lieutenant?"
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