89 Dangers of the Elven Forest: A Wild Beast 4

    "Are you okay? Your face is a bit red. Did I startle you that much?" He didn't reply, she moved closer to him, concerned by his sudden behaviour.

    "Let's head back."

    Without waiting for her to answer, Jareth walked away. She was confused with what was happening but brushed it off and followed him back.

    He heard her footsteps from behind and his gaze traveled to the lower part of his body. The bulge was still there. He wondered why it wouldn't listen to him and just stay down. At this point she was going to see it.

    He walked briskly to where they had camped and unfortunately for him, Astrid chased after him as well.

    When they got back, White-Fire and its cub were awake. The little beast ran up to them as it noticed their presence. Jareth bent down and patted its head, then walked away. It jumped into Astrid's waiting arms and nuzzled itself there.

    Jareth sat down on the ground, while Astrid gently dropped little White-Fire down and hung her cloak out to dry. She reached into her bag and brought out a dried loaf of bread and small meat, then broke it into three bits and passed one to Jareth, White-Fire and little White-Fire.

    White-Fire refused it and said, "It's okay, I can stay a long time without eating, child. Besides, there are wild fruits around, you eat your fill, you need your energy to fight."

    "Okay, if you say so." They ate in silence and relaxed after that.

    "It still wouldn't go down. Perhaps we should start our journey and I can best gather my thoughts and it would go. Other than sitting down here, doing nothing and have her, steal glances at me like I am sick," he thought.

    Not long after, Jareth broke the silence. "We can't stay here long, we would need to move soon."

    "Yeah, but please can we rest a little? Besides I need my cloak to dry out and White-Fire needs more rest to gain back her energy."

    "Astrid, but... " He started to say, but she interrupted him.

    "You should take a bath while we are at it. It would calm your nerves. Ever since I startled you, you've been flushed. I feel bad, so please go cool off, the water would help. It's cold... " she shook a bit at the thought of the chilling temperature.

    Astrid who had lived her entire life at the outskirts of her village and away from everyone, didn't know what was going on with Jareth. All her knowledge about people were told by her aunt and from books she read.

    Jareth thought more on her offer, "Yes, the cold and being away from her now would calm me down." He thought.

    He picked his bag from the ground and wore it over his head, letting it rest in his front. "Okay, I would go have bath. I'll be quick," he informed her before getting up.

    She simply nodded her head at him and watched him leave. He walked past her hurriedly and headed for the river.

    He stripped off his clothes and entered the water. Sure enough, it was cold and just perfect for his hardened member. He rubbed gently on it, the throbbing feeling reducing at the temperature. "Awwnnn." He let out a small moan and decided to just relax in the water.

    Thirty minutes passed and Jareth wasn't back. Astrid became worried with each passing minute.

    "He said he'll be quick. What is taking him so long? Or did something happen to him?" Her eyes widened with shock, "What if something bad really happened? He kept watch for me and I didn't do anything. I better go check up on him and be sure."

    She stopped playing with the little beast and got up. It whined in protest, but she flashed it an apologetic smile. "White-Fire, I'll be back. Let me quickly find Jareth."

    "It's not like he is missing, he just went for a bath."

    "I know, but it's not him to waste time. I'm worried."

    "Wait a little bit more. If he has not come back by then, you can go search for him."

    She sat back down and waited. She felt a familiar tug on her heart and placed her right hand over her heart, then closed her eyes. "He is okay Astrid. Just calm down, nothing bad happened to him." She whispered those words to convince herself.

    Ten minutes later, Jareth still hadn't come, she got up, determined this time to find him. "It's better to be safe, I am going." With that, she left their little camp and walked in the direction of the river.

    On the other hand, Jareth felt relaxed in the water. He slowly opened his eyes, feeling his lower part of his body was more relaxed now, he decided to leave the water.

    "I have spent some time here, Astrid might be worried. I better get back." He turned to face the trees and moved towards the bank.

    Astrid got close to the open space and came out from the trees. She never would have been prepared for what she saw. Jareth was in the water, only the upper part of his body was visible, but his abs and well structured chest, enthralled her.
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