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    ~Human Kingdom- Princess Cyrena's Chambers~

    In the bright room, Princess Cyrena sat on a chair with a book in her hand.

    Her eyes squinted, her brows slightly furrowed, concentration fully engraved not on the book which she held, but she seemed far too lost in her own thoughts to be bothered by the book in her hand.

    Her free hand supported her head as she sat a bit slouched in her seat.

    Knock! Knock!!

    A knock came at her door which jolted her back to reality. As she sat up straight in shock, her chest rose and fell with each rapid heart beat.


    "Your Highness it is I, Mia." A feminine voice called from outside the door.


    The door opened slightly and in came two people, a man and a young girl.

    "Greetings, Princess Cyrena."

    "Take a seat💺."

    He sat down on the chair opposite of where she sat.

    "Mia, go and get me something to drink," Cyrena said, dismissing her maid with a wave of her hand.

    "Yes Princess."

    The young girl took her leave to do the princess's bidding.

    "Mr Irving Brain!"

    "Yes, your highness? How may I be of service to you?"

    "I need to meet the Void," she said.

    "I do understand your highness wants to find out the truth early, but we already planned on visiting him in the night."

    "Yes but... " she started to speak but Mr Irving cut her short.

    "Or is something wrong, Your Highness?"

    "Not really, I just want to meet him to clarify something. I really can't wait till midnight and just jncase he doesn't give the answer I hope, I would still have time to do more investigations." She put down her book on the table as explained to him.

    "Ahh! I see. Very well then, but I would advice a disguise, you don't want people to see you interacting with him. It may give off the wrong vibe and have a negative effect on you."

    "Hmm, I suppose. No problem. Shall we go at five in the evening?"

    "Anytime your Highness thinks its suitable. Just say the word and I'll be available."

    "Thank you, Mr Irving."

    "Anything for her Ladyship. If that is all, then I would please take my leave, Your Highness."

    She didn't say anything to him, one hand rested under her chin, her eyes seemed so lost, far into the distance of her room. She was lost in thought again.

    At first, Mr Irving Brains thought she was looking at something and turned in the direction she stared at but didn't see anything to be bothered about, then turned back at her.

    He clapped his hands together, creating a loud sound effect, bringing her out of her reverie.

    "Princess Cyrena?!!"

    "Yes?" She blinked her eyes several times, before registering the situation. "Oh, so sorry. What did you say just now?"

    "Nothing actually. I was going to take my leave if you have no more use of my presence."

    "Umm... Very well, you may be excused."

    "I hope Your Highness would be well. We would meet at the same place, west gate by five."

    "Yes we will."

    With that, he bowed and exited her chambers. She picked up her book and examined it. "Why am I reading this right now? I don't even know where... Urrghh forget it. What's important is contacting her. Where is Mia? What is taking her so long?"


    "Princess Cyrena, it is I, Mia."


    The door opened and Mia walked in with a small tray inner hands. She got to where Cyrena sat and placed the tray on the table in front of her.

    "Your Highness, some milk and cookies."

    "What took you so long? Anyways, send word to Amelia, we need to meet before four in the evening."

    "Right away, your Highness."

    "Also, prepare, I need to pay a visit to my mother."

    "Yes, princess!" She bowed and took her leave.


    In the bustling kingdom at about five in the evening, two figures walk hurriedly through the bush streets and down an alley way, at a corner not too far off from a bar.

    They get to a certain house and stopped at the front of the house. The lady wore a cloak with the hood over her head to hide her face. The second person with her, a man, he knocked on the door twice and awaited a response.

    Someone opened the door a fraction and the man moved closer to the door and whispered something.

    "Come in." A deep voice answered.

    Several bolt and clicking sounds were heard as the door finally moved open.

    A young boy greeted them, then paved the way for them to enter.

    The room was poorly lit with a single lamp at one corner of the room. A man sat on a chair with a desk in front of him, his elbows rested on the desk, propping his chin up. He looked at his guested with no form of interest in his eyes.

    "Good evening, we are here for... "

    "What can I do for you, Princess?" The man suddenly asked, catching them off guard. Everywhere became silent, then he spoke again.

    "To what do I owe this visit?" His eyes squinted as GE scanned both fellows from head to toe.
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