98 Caught 3

    Neither of them said anything, it was Mr Irving that broke the ice. "Princess?"

    "Are you done?" They were all taken aback by his words, but Cyrena tried to mask hers with a side smile.

    "I am."

    "Good, nice and sad story, but if that is what

    you came to say, I am afraid here ain't a place for bedtime stories. Now if you may excuse me princess, my apprentice would see you out."

    She laughed a little and replied him saying, "My, my! Are you chasing a customer out?" She asked, pretending to be shocked and disappointed.

    "I never expected you to threat women this way. Let alone a customer."

    "Customers who take here to be a bedtime story house would be treated as such. Customer you say," he scoffed, "You are just here for trouble."

    "I am not."

    "Then state what you want."

    "Haven't I said it before?"

    "What?" He arched his eyebrows at her and looked at her questioningly.

    She rolled her eyes and murmured "Men!!" Before continuing, "I said, fix the problem. Find out the real culprit and deliver Mr Greg to his wife and sick son. This is the work I want done."

    He didn't reply her or give any response whatsoever, he just smirked at her. His apprentice didn't know what was going on between the two of them.

    Normally anyone causing trouble for his boss, he would chase them out, but this was the princess and everyone knew who her mother was, so how could he throw her out.

    It was rare seeing his joss letting go of his hold on his anger and lash out but he did because of a lady. She was cunning but he couldn't help like he always did, if he loved himself.

    "I take back what I earlier said. "

    "About what?"

    "You been easy and straightforward."

    "Well, I am many things."

    After saying that, she turned and walked past her chair and stood facing Mr Irving but backing the Void.

    "Oh before I forget, I hate to see the poor table suffer under such brute strength," she threw a pouch at the Void and it fell in the table, he quickly used a hand to stop it from rolling down the broken side.

    "Let's go."

    Before Void could register what had happened, "Wait, I do not need... " they were already out of the room and on the street.

    He sighed when he weighed the money pouch  in his hands. He threw it at his apprentice and the young boy barely caught it.

    "What's in it?" He asked the stunned boy.

    "Really now? The pouch was with you yet you didn't open it, but threw it at me to check? What a master!" He thought.

    Not defying his master's order, the young boy peered into it, what he saw made him hang his mouth 👄 open.

    "How can...? For just... A mere table!!"

    "What's in it, Seb?" Void asked rather impatiently.

    "I-I... the... I-It... "

    Void was already frustrated with he s apprentice's stuttering. So he moved closer to him and snatched the pouch from him. He took one more glance at the boy's bewildered face before he peered into the pouch.

    "Twenty, twenty... Gold coins for a table!!" Sebastian finally managed to voice out a phrase.

    Void had a contorted look. "What is she trying to do?" He mentally asked himself.


    Outside the Void's house, on a street in the Kingdom, Princess Cyrena continued walking in front with Mr Irving at her back. They walked down the alley and arrived at a secluded part of the street with three paths.

    The latter had a serious expression on his face. He couldn't quite figure out this princess.

    She said she wanted to meet the Void, one would expect that she wanted to ask him a few questions, but instead she plainly accused him and indirectly told him to fix the situation.

    "What was she thinking 🤔?" He murmured to himself.

    All of a sudden, she stopped in front of him. She had her hood up, so he couldn't quite see anything from this angle.

    "Princess?!" He called.

    Before he could get any reply, a figure flew down, better still, jumped down from one of the buildings. The person was dressed in an all black outfit and had a hood over his head with some weapons at his waist belt.

    "From where had this fellow jumped down from? Where was he hiding? How come I didn't notice? Who sent him? Was he tailing us ever since?"

    All these questions rushed into Mr Irving's mind within seconds. Getting himself back, he rushed in front of the princess to protect her.

    "Damn it! I was too lost in thought to not notice my surroundings. Good thing he didn't strike the moment he landed." He mentally scolded himself.

    "Who are you and how dare you block her path? Who sent you?" He shouted at the hooded figure.

    "Could it be that Princess Cyrena knew and that was why she stopped? Perhaps that is also why this person hadn't attacked yet. Wait... Speaking of attack... Why?" He thought.

    The next moment, the hooded figure, half knelt and bowed. "Your Highness!"

    Shock was evident on his face by the sudden action. "What?!"
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