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    Shock was evident on his face by the sudden action. "What?!"

    Before he could get over his shock, a hand held his shoulder and lightly pressed down from behind him, that was when he noticed he had opened his hands wide to shield the princess.

    Princess Cyrena stepped aside and walked to his front. "Rise!"

    According to her command, the figure rose to his feet. "Accomplished, your Highness."

    It was at this point Mr Irving clearly registered  that his hooded assassin was a female. His eyes felt as though they would bulge out of their sockets any moment from then.

    "You clarified? No mistakes?"

    "Affirmative, Princess. It is him. He stole the money and handed to Mr Greg."

    "Good accomplishment Lia, thank you. You did well."

    "I wouldn't have been able to confirm if not for your Highness's intervention and "STORY". Then everything would have been for naught. I humble cannot accept the praise, Princess Cyrena."

    She bowed her head to Cyrena and her hood fell slightly, when she raised her head, the hood completely fell revealing the face of a pretty girl.

    Mr Irving was shocked out of his wits. "How can such a beauty be an assassin? Well she is the Princess's assassin, Princess Cyrena deserves the best," he thought again.

    Princess Cyrena only smiled after Amelia spoke. Indeed it was a satisfying response. "Very well then."

    "What's your next course of action?" Amelia asked.

    "I would let you know in the palace, here isn't safe, anyone could be hiding around."

    "Although I checked, but I understand your Highness' worry."

    "Good, you may leave."

    Before anyone could realize, she had already left. Mr Irving was stunned again. Just within an hour, he had been intrigued time and time again.

    "I was wondering why you confronted the Void  in such a manner, turns out... "

    "Shhh!" She hushed him. "Thank you, Mr Irving. We would meet at the appointed time tonight. You may go now."

    "As you wish, Princess."

    He bowed his head and left. She looked around, adjusted her clock and hood, then left.  Not far from where they once stood, at a corner, a paid of eyes blinked and nodded before disappearing from there.


    ~Elven Forest~

    Jareth, Astrid and the beasts had since woken up and continued their journey. Jareth was a bit better after the rest and Astrid regained some energy after the short nap.

    At some point White-Fire carried them on its back as it flew, to increase the gap between them and the Elven soldiers.

    It was already night and they were a little bit tired and needed White-Fire and Jareth to rest. Astrid made them stop flying and walked for another two hours, after she was sure they have covered more ground than if they had walked, she stopped them to rest.

    "Let's stop here," she said, spreading her hands for emphasis.

    "Why are we stopping?" Jareth asked sluggishly.

    "Its time to rest."

    "But, Astrid... "

    "No buts Jareth," she said cutting him short. "You and White-Fire needs to rest. You normally should be having a full days rest and not traveling."

    "But,  we cannot afford that at the moment. The soldiers are still unto us."

    "Agreed! That's why you still need your rest." She walked close to him till they were face to face, about two breath away.


    She quickly placed her finger on his lips and prevented him from speaking further.

    "Shhhh!!" She reached up with her free hand and touched his forehead. "Jareth, you need rest or you would get a fever."

    "I won't get sick. I can handle myself."

    "Good, because I think I am going to need your help against that number of soldiers in case they catch up. Who knows what kind of beast would lurking by?"

    "So now you need my help?"

    "Huh! Allowing you come along meant I needed your help Jareth, don't brag about it."

    0 _ 0.....

    He blinked his eyes 👀 at her several times, when was he bragging? She was the one who felt she didn't need him, how come now it turned to him bragging?

    "Besides, you need me too. If not for me, the Elves would have death you a strong blow."

    "Huh?! Whose fault is it that we are being chased by them in the first place?"

    She pointed her finger at him and said, "It... I-I... "

    "You still want to argue? Who used magic and caused a magical surge?


    "Yes. I did it to save you. If not for being ambushed by those thugs and things got out of her. That are to blame!" She defended.

    "When they came they wanted you and not me. So you are the root cause."

    She was about arguing again when it dawned on her all of a sudden, "The humans wanted me and for some reason, Jareth doesn't know yet, that I am the hybrid. If not for me then they wouldn't be in this mess right now," she thought.

    "Which reminds me, why did they want you? Who were they?" He suddenly asked, bringing her out of her thoughts.

    "Please don't ask!!" She thought and panicked a bit. "Astrid, calm down." She mentally calmed herself and tried to not show her panic.
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