100 Take A Bath To Cool Off

    "I do not know, let's forget about that," Astrid said, trying to change the topic. It was better if he didn't know who she really was.

    "Sorry to have brought you into my life's trouble and gotten you injured."

    He had a blank expression on his face, "Was she blaming herself for everything? Although it was also her fault, but I never blamed her. I wanted to do this."

    He looked at her, she now had a downcast look and fumbled with her dress with her head down.

    "Shit! She is feeling guilty, I can't blame her, though she may have caused it, it was a thrilling fight for me and she saved my life twice. She looks so cute. I have to make her not feel this way, it's not right."



    They both called out at once. Jareth scratched his head and said, "You can speak first."

    "Come and take a bath to cool off." Her cheeks reddened at her own statement.

    0 _ 0

    "It's not like that. I would assist you with your shirt, you just need to pour water on your upper body. To calm your temperature."

    She tried to explain what she meant, but her face became more hot than before. No matter how one look at it, it made her sound lewd and she couldn't help but blush from embarrassment.

    "Ast... "

    "Hear me out. I know it is not looking bad now, but if this keeps up, you would be down with a fever soon and I can't have that. It's the least I can do to take care of you for causing you so much trouble."

    "I... "

    "And... I need you, I can't drag you along when I fight."

    "Really? Sounds to me like, you can't fight without me. You need me by your side," he teased her.

    She puffed her cheeks out at him and gave him a pouting face. "I can handle myself without YOU!" She yelled the last word.

    "Okay, okay! You win."



    "Everything. Now White-Fire... " she turned to face the beasts and saw them already lying down close to a tree to rest.

    She gave them a sweet smile as she admired the mother and cub duo.

    "White-Fire, Jareth and I would be back in a couple of minutes, at most thirty. We need to get water."

    "Are you sure you do not just want some privacy with your boyfriend?"

    "What! White-Fire! How could... " Her blush increased the more, how could it be shameless!

    It chuckled lightly at her reaction. "Carry on child and be safe." It closed its eyes and raised a wing for its cub to nestle under its wings and the little beast rolled in.

    She turned to face Jareth. "Let's go." Dropping their things, she left with just a piece of cloth and their water gourd, with Jareth following closely behind.

    Not long after, they got to a narrowed river, she moved closer to the bank and bent to fetch water in the gourd. Jareth walked to her side and kneeled beside her.

    She hung the cloth on her shoulders and corked the water gourd closed then turned to face him. "Ready?" She moved to him and knelt in front of him.

    He gave her a nod and she proceeded to help him pull his shirt.

    She put the water gourd down beside her and gently held the hem of this shirt. She lifted her eyes to meet his, seeking for permission once more. He gave her a nod as her go ahead and steadied himself for what came next.

    Slowly, she moved inch by inch, raising his shirt up, by the time she got to his biceps, Jareth was almost dying from the long wait.

    Was she planning on torturing him with her slow movements?

    "Astrid... "


    "You're slow."

    "Sorry!" She blushed harder and unknowingly let go of his shirt.

    "Don't worry I would do it myself."

    "No, you are hurt. How can you... " before she could finish her sentence, he tried pulling his shirt but felt a sharp pain in his arm and winced at it.

    Shocked she moved closer to him and held his arm. Her cold palm against his hot skin was like she lighting a fire in him. "Stop it. You'll hurt yourself."

    He could see her flushed cheeks and could tell she was shy. He didn't want to force her if she didn't, but why was she forcing herself for him?

    "I have never been this close with a guy before. Let alone undress one. Stop beating fast," she mentally chided. Her heart thuded loud against her chest. She could feel his gaze on her and it only worsened things.

    "Astrid, are you okay?"

    "Yes. Okay, let me do it. Sorry about earlier."

    She held the hem again and this time pulled it up less slowly. "You can do it, Astrid!"

    With every inch higher, she could see his body, from his waist to his biceps, abs, muscular chest, neck and finally she removed it all, letting it drop to the ground beside her.
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