102 Russels Viper

    Staring right at them with tongue out, was a snake, a Russell's viper.

    The next thing they knew, it moved ready to strike. Astrid quickly raised her hand and stopped it in place. Jareth took the opportunity and rolled to the other side, stopping some distance away from the river.

    He was now on top of Astrid with a hand underneath her head protecting her when they rolled and the other at her waist. His hair scattered and fell forward on his face with the earlier action.

    As Astrid gazed up at him, she couldn't stop herself from admiring the young man on top of her and lightly bit down on her lower lip.

    Jareth who was admiring her appearance, her hair which was a bit scattered, made her look like a relaxing beauty. He removed his hand on her waist and reached up to remove the strand of golden hair blocking his clear view of her.

    As he did, he smiled at the price waiting for him. He could feel her erratic heart beat with their closeness, his gaze dropped back to his former price and he slightly groaned.

    "Why does she keep doing that?" He thought to himself.

    Astrid was driving him nuts, if he didn't do something to stop her now, he might regret what would happen. His heart beat increased and she could feel it too, he closed his eyes for some seconds, holding himself back as his member became harder again.

    "Control yourself... " he mentally advised himself.

    By the time he opened his eyes, she could see them darken a bit with lust. Jareth leaned in, his mouth now a breath away from her ear, she could feel his hot breath on her hair and ear.

    He blew air on her ear a bit to tease her, earning a blush in return. From the corner of his eyes he could see her flushed face and smiled.

    "Stop doing that. You are making it hard for me." He whispered lovingly into her ear before pulling back.

    He let go of her hair and with precise motion directed his fingers to her chin.

    Where were they before the interruption?

    He used his thumb to free her lower lip and leaned in.

    "Oh my God, is he going to do it?" She asked herself.

    As he was about to kiss her, she panicked and her hold on the snake broke.


    The snake struck this time, spitting his venom at them. "Ohh no!" She quickly lifted her hands and erected a stone wall to shield them, then pushed it down on the snake.

    Not wasting time again, Jareth got up and pulled her with him, they took some steps back away from the now angry snake.

    "That is a Russel's viper. It possess acutely lethal venom for which there is no specific antidote. Be careful, lest its venom touches you." Jareth warned her as they took several steps backward.

    With the incoming snake, Astrid stretched her right hand and chanted, "Esk steir bei nik traie vior ignis rupti sunt!"

    The next thing Jareth knew, the snake caught fire and after some seconds of turning and struggling on the ground it burst.

    Astrid quickly created a water shield in front of them and the blood and remains of the snake sprayed on it rather than them.

    "Phew!! That was close."

    "Yeah. Thanks. We've wasted time here, we should head back and rest," he said as he made his way to where his shirt and the wet cloth laid on the ground.

    He quickly wore his shirt, ignoring the pain and fixed himself up before Astrid could catch up. The last thing he wanted was her assisting him and touching him. He couldn't let her start a fire again.

    She destroyed the ice shield and made her way to him. He saw her approach and walked on rather than waiting for her.

    "Jareth, wait."

    She called out to him but he ignored and she raced up to him then blocked his path. "Stop!"

    "What is it?"

    "What about your... " she pursed her lips and only pointed to his lower member. "I think you should umm."

    He wanted to laugh at her shyness but composed himself and said, "It's okay. Let's go back. It would go down."

    "I wanted to say you should take a bath or a dip in the water to cool down."

    "Alright, I would."

    "Also... "


    "I am sorry about this morning."

    "Why is she apologizing?" He asked himself.

    "I was worried and thought something had happened, that was why I... "

    He cut her short and said, "It's okay, I understand. I am sorry too."

    "About what?"

    "Shh!! Just accept it." He drew her close and hugged her, "Sorry I saw you when you took your bath," he said in his mind.

    Her hand moved up in to his chest as he hugged her, he buried his face deep in her hair, taking in her scent he sighed.

    Her other hand rubbed his injured arm as she let her finger play around the wound.

    "Damn it, please don't start," he thought.


    "Umm?!" She gently caressed his arm as she spoke.

    "We can't," he said through gritted teeth.
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