105 Hand Over The Contract 3

    "I did!"

    Both heads turned at the intruder, a silhouette was seen not too far from where they stood, they couldn't see her, but she could see them.

    Void immediately recognized the voice, he would know that voice from anywhere.

    Mr Brandon who had no clue, spoke rashly. "Who the heck are you to interfere in this business?" He yelled at the intruder.

    "Who am I?" Immediately three other figures appeared from behind and walked up to where she stood not too far from the men.

    She chuckled a bit. The sound that escaped her lips seemed to bring life to the eerie silence of the dead night.

    To others it might have brought life, but right now, to Mr Brandon it was going to bring about his doom.

    "Are you in any position to me that?"

    "How dare you! Do you know who I am?" He boasted. "What business does a woman have in the dealings of men?" He arrogantly asked.

    As soon as he finished his question, what happened to him next, he couldn't believe it.

    From the rooftop, someone jumped out and before he knew it, a shadow flashed by his eyes. In a mater of seconds, his acupoints were hit and he was tackled to the ground.

    "Ahhh!!" He could only cry out in pain at the sudden attack. His chest was pressed hard into the ground as his attackers knee dug deep into his back.

    A figure walked majestically to where he was on the ground with the attacker still on top of him.

    The attacker pulled on his hair and yanked his head back do he could look at the lady. "How dare you do this to me? I would make sure you all pay dearly for this," he threatened them.

    "Who am I?" The lady asked. Her hood fell a fraction back and his eyes looked deep into her face.

    "I am the one who would bring you down."

    Fear was etched deep in his eyes as he came to the realization of who he had just threatened.

    "Y-Your, Your H-H-ighn-ness!!" He stuttered.

    What was she doing here? How could she be here at such a time? For how long had she been there? He was done for.

    "Has she been here? Don't tell me she listened in in her conversation all this time!" His eyes widened at the thought of that.

    "Good, good, good. That's the feeling and expression I want from you. Feel the fear, let it run deep into your bones you vile man."

    "Princess, it is not as you think. There is a mistake here, please you must believe me," he coughed due to the strain in his neck.

    He was having difficulty breathing already, coupled with the fear and the pain on his scalp from his attackers hold on him.

    "Make him kneel!" She commanded.

    His attacker moved her knee and got up, pulling him up to his knees in front of Cyrena.

    Cyrena flashed a cold gaze at the man kneeling in front of her. As she looked at the man, she got angry. "Look me in the eyes," she ordered.

    He hesitated and his attacker yanked his hair backward, making him look at Cyrena.

    "What business does a woman have with the dealings of men?"

    "No, no, no. I was wrong Princess, please forgive me," he begged.

    "I must say, I was lucky, wasn't I, Void?"

    She turned and faced the tall man standing at her side. He was as charming as when she first saw him. She gave him a small smile and continued talking, "Why haven't you brought me the culprit?"

    "You found him yourself, what do you need my help for? After all I never agreed to the job."

    A dagger flew at him, he barely dodged it in time and it landed on a wall not far from where he stood. All gaze trailed the direction from whence the dagger came and landed on the culprit.

    "How dare you speak to her like that!" The attacker behind Mr Brandon finally spoke.

    From the corners of her hood, Void could see her glaring daggers at him.

    "What! She is a girl?" Mr Brandon muttered in confusion. "How can she be so skilled! My luck this night wasn't good. I shouldn't have come here, he set a trap for me," he thought.

    "You've got some skills girl. Stay out of this."

    "Lia! Let it go."

    "I'm sorry Princess," Amelia apologized.

    "True, you didn't but I do hope you do what is right. As I earlier stated, you did something foolish, fix the problem."

    "You've got you evidence and the culprit, what more do you need?"



    "Yes, hand over the contract with both of your signatures on it and I would need you to testify."

    "Not happening."

    "What!!" Cyrena and Mr Brandon exclaimed.

    "Thank goodness." Mr Brandon chipped in with a sigh.

    "What do you mean by not happening?" Cyrena asked. Her voiced carried anger with every word that proceeded out of her mouth.

    "Do not feel glad Mr Brandon, take my word, you would surely pay. Princess, I would not testify because I do not want to appear before court. My apprentice would testify."

    "Can't I persuade you to come?"

    "No." He reached into his jacket and brought out a rolled paper, then handed it over to Cyrena.

    Just as she reached fort it...

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