106 Youre Bleeding

    Two daggers were thrown at once, one at Princess Cyrena and the other at Amelia.

    Void quickly pushed Cyrena in time and she barely dodged it, with the dagger and contract falling to the ground. She fell on  her butt to the ground, because of the force from Void's push.

    The other was thrown at Amelia, luckily for her she was a trained assassin but before it could meet her, she dodged and got a scratch on her arm, thereby breaking her hold on Mr Brandon.

    Everyone was shocked at the sudden attack, Void and Amelia turned in the direction from where the dagger came from. Before Amelia could react, he didn't waste time and chased after the assasin.

    In this brief moment of confusion, Mr Brandon got up and ran towards Cyrena, he picked the contract and made a run for it.

    By now the soldiers that came with Cyrena and Mr Irving rushed forward.

    "Princess, are you okay?" Amelia asked her.

    "I'm fine, get him and the contract first."

    "Yes, Your Highness."

    Not wastkng another second, with that she chased after Mr Brandon.

    Void chased the assain down the path of the lonely street, on roof tops and corners. After sometime he lost him.

    "Damn it, where did he go?"

    "Stop right there!"

    He heard a voice call a distance away from another bend. "That voice, it is that lady assassin."

    He ran towards her voice and soon, caught sight of Mr Brandon and Amelia. He chased after them and in a matter of minutes caught up.

    Amelia threw a bolas at his leg, it tied Mr Brandon's leg and he fell to the ground face flat.

    Void and Amelia caught up with him and dragged him up.

    "Look at yourself, this is what it came to?" Void said, he had a look of distain in his eyes.

    How could one be so greedy, the kingdom was filled with filth like Mr Brandon. Getting rich at the exploit of your fellow man.

    "You would rot in prison for this, you dare had someone attack the princess," she scoffed, "you must really have a dying wish."

    "Where is the Princess?" Void suddenly asked her.

    "Back at the meeting place. Did you get him?"

    "Apparently not, but he wants to save him, meaning he would attack again." He peered down at her from as he spoke, watching her every move.

    For some reason he was astonished at her actions and moves. For a lady, he could say she fought better than other male assassins.

    His gaze moved to her injured arm, from the cut on her black leather sleeve, he could see her pale like white skin and blood oozing out from her cut with some dark lines around.

    Before he could make sense of it she put her hand down and use her right hand to hold Mr Brandon. She wasn't looking at him, but from the could feel his heated gaze on her, then on her injured arm.

    No sooner had he made the statement than another dagger was thrown at them. This time Void reacted quickly and cut the dagger.

    Before they knew what was going on, a smoke smoke bomb was thrown, preventinga clear sight of what was happening.

    Quickly, Amelia used her left hand to cover her nose and the other to hold on to Mr Brandon tight.

    "Get set to run with him, I would hold the assassin o... Aahhh!"

    Series of attacks came swinging at Void, he blocked some while others made their target on his face, shoulders and chest.

    Amelia quickly dragged Mr Brandon and ran out of the smoke screen, she heard sounds of fighting from the other end of the smoke screen.

    Seconds alter, two men jumped out from the smoke as it diffused into the atmosphere and stared at each other from different angles where they stood apart.

    The other assassin was fully clothed and covered all parts of his body except his eyes. He came prepared. Amelia quickly tied Mr Brandon's hands and legs and threw him on the ground.

    She got into her fighting stance, ready to attack. Both men looked at each other then at her, and back at themselves.

    He brought out a dagger from his back pocket and Void did the same, ready and waiting for him to attack.

    Rather than rush at him, the assain threw it towards Amelia. Another dagger came flying her way, she dodged in the nick of time and both daggers collided with each other.

    Void threw his dagger towards the direction the other dagger came from. "Aren't you tired of hiding, come out," he yelled out.

    Another man stood at the roof of a house and pushed the dagger with his sword. "Hahhaa found me."

    What happened was that, as soon as the unknown assassin threw a dagger at her, and one came from another angle, Void threw his, with more speed and precision at the second.

    Even she had missed the fact that another person lurked by.

    But after the unknown assasin diverted the dagger, he lounged for Amelia. She didn't wait for him to reach her first and went an attack.

    Void followed suit, himself and the first assassin went into a fight, before Mr Brandon knew what was happening, all four where engaged in a frightening battle.

    Void and Amelia stood back to back now, each facing their attacker.
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