109 Trace Of Jealousy

    She was inches away from his face, their eyes locked, no one breaking eye contact. As she leaned in, ready to take her gift...


    A voice called out. Amelia and Void turned their head at once, to the intruder.

    It was none other than Princess Cyrena, who just arrived with Mr Irving.

    Amelia returned her gaze back to the man underneath her and inched closer to his ear, then whispered, "You're welcome."

    She pulled back and was about getting up when she noticed his hands on her waist. His grip was firm, but not painful, he still didn't let go.

    Princess Cyrena who was watching this, clenched her fist at her sides as her breathing became short and deep. Mr Irving stood at the side and observed the situation.

    She arched a brow at him, signaling him to let go, before he finally released her.

    All of a sudden, a shadow was cast in front of them. She quickly got up and half knelt.

    "Princess!" she said and bowed.

    "I see you have completed the task. Where is the contract?" She asked with a cold voice.

    Amelia turned her head and stretched her arm towards Mr Brandon and the soldier. "Bring it over," she ordered the soldier.

    He walked up to her with the contract in his hand and handed it to Amelia. She took it and presented it to Princess Cyrena, while still half kneeling with the soldier doing same.


    By now Void had gotten up and watched the situation unfold before him with keen eyes.

    Princess Cyrena took the contract and opened it. Her eyes scanned the document in her hands and carefully read it all.

    When she hot to where the signatures where, she half smiled before speaking. "Thank you so much for this Void, I never... " she looled up from what she was reading an stopped.

    The man standing right at the side was gone. The smile that decorated her radiant face quickly extinguished.

    She averted her gaze to the girl kneeling before her, she quickly masked her anger and irritation to one of indifference and said, "Rise!"

    Amelia obeyed and got up. She had noticed the irritation in the Princess's eyes earlier on when she looked at her.

    "What is wrong? She has never given me such attitude before and I haven't done anything wrong to warrant such treatment from her either. Or, is it because of Void?"

    Princess Cyrena's voice broke her out from her thoughts. She blinked several times at the Princess, trying to grapes what she was saying earlier.

    "We have gotten what we need, no need to dilly dally here." She turned to the soldier by her side and pointed at him, "When the soldiers arrive, have them clean this mess up and take Mr Brandon into custody."

    "Yes, Princess."

    "If anything happens to him, I would hold you all responsible."

    "Noted, Your Highness," the soldier replied.

    "Mr Irving, thanks for your help. I would see you tomorrow at two in the afternoon."

    "Happy to be of service Princess," Mr Irving said.

    "Let's go."

    She turned and walked in the direction from which they came. Amelia and the soldier exchange glances before she followed Princess Cyrena.

    As soon as she left, Mr Irving whistled his way out of there, while the soldier stayed behind with Mr Brandon, awaiting the arrival of his fellow soldiers.


    ~Elven Forest~

    The wind blew and trees moved in sync with it. It felt as though the environment communicated with one another in a secret language.

    The atmosphere was cool and quiet, save for the little chatter of some soldiers who we're awake.

    On the branches of one of the trees stood a slender figure. As the wind blew harder, her hair and clothes rustled with it.

    Her face was devoid of any emotion, it looked calm and serene at the same time. As the breeze blew, her long blonde hair scattered on her face. She reached up and removed the lock of hair blocking her view.

    From where she stood, she could see the plain and train of the forest. It was the early hours of the night, dawn was yet to break forth, so her vision, though sharp wasn't as clear as she had hoped it would be.

    "Where are you brother? Or did you return to the palace already? I was happy when Terence told me you have gone to the Elven forest to join the search for the hybrid," she whispered to herself, s9 only the wind could hear her.

    Princess Avery was the youngest child and only daughter of King Regin. Although her family were close, only on, Blade, her immediate senior brother distanced himself from everyone.

    She had tried different means to be closed to him, but he always wanted to be alone. When she heard from her elder brother that he was here, she rushed to the forest in hopes of finding him and fighting the hybrid together.

    "Hmm, if you can hear me brother, I hope to see you soon. I have found the hybrid and I am trailing her. I wish we could do this together, Blade."

    When she finished speaking, she touched a green pearl-like pendant on her chest and closed her eyes.

    "Princess Avery!" Someone called her from below.

    She opened her eyes and looked down at who was calling her name.

    It was Lieutenant Callum, he seemed uneasy, restless about something. He basically had his expressions displayed on his face. "He is such an open book to read," she thought.

    And with that, she jumped on different tree branches till she was closed to the ground and jumped down in front of the Lieutenant.

    The other soldiers quieted down as soon as they caught sight of her. She simply ignored them and looked at Lieutenant Callum.

    "Why the worry, Lieutenant?"

    "I was wondering if you would... "

    "Yes," she said abruptly.

    He wanted to ask her of she cared for some wide fruits, but before he got the chance to, she just answered.

    He scratched his forehead as he looked at her, "Am I so easy to read?" He thought.

    "I saw when you picked the fruits, Lieutenant and you should really learn to hide your emotions," she advised.

    At first she had thought it was something very serious, but when she saw him fumble with his cape, she noticed the bag of fruits he had earlier picked and quickly understood the situation.

    "I'm sorry, Princess." He apologized.

    "Don't be, it's cute. Thought you wanted to give me something, can I have some?"

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