117 She Found The Culprit!

    "She found the culprit! She found the culprit!"

    The words resounded in King Bayard's mind. His daughter did it. He had actually given her two days because he had hoped that the time frame would have been too short, so she wouldn't make Prince Owen lose face and cause him to be punished.

    King Bayard looked up at Gerald, his eyes and mouth opened wide with astonishment. Gerald looked up from the scroll, his gaze meeting the King's, no one spoke, but their eyes and bewilderment did all the talking.

    "She did it," King Bayard said in a low voice. "Cyrena did it. That's my girl," he boasted.

    He had a huge grin on his face when he did; Gerald couldn't help but smile at the King who was ignoring his royal status and being a proud father right now.

    "Your Majesty," Gerald called out, breaking King Bayard from his bliss.


    "I hate to break your brief moment of joy, but wouldn't this put His Highness in a very bad situation?"

    "Hmm! True, this puts Owen in a really tight spot."

    "He almost made an innocent man serve a severe punishment for a crime he didn't commit."

    "That is equally true, but as a man, he must pay the price."

    "Your majesty, but the prince..."

    "And as a Prince, he would need to learn the consequences of his actions. The lives of his people are in his hands. What would the people say, when they find out that the prince almost jeopardize the life of a citizen? Will they be willing to lay down their lives for him any day? Gerald, what are you teaching this boy?"

    "His highness actually put in some effort this time, Your Majesty."

    "Not good enough. A lady, his sister bested him. When he found a clue, he jumped at it as though it was the only possible solution, he didn't give it a second thought. Now look!"

    "Hmm! Well, all evidence did point at Mr Greg and we all make mistakes Your Majesty."

    "That was too costly. He almost made a woman become a widow and a son, fatherless. Would he take the reins of the kingdom and rule this way after I become the new world leader? He has to be serious and pay more attention to details."

    "I understand, Your Majesty. I shall continue with reading the report, sire."

    "Very well, carry on."

    "The culprit this time is none other than..." Gerald paused in his speech as he stared at the sroll with unbelieving eyes.

    "Who was the culprit?" King Bayard asked Gerald, he was getting rather impatient with the pauses.

    "It is stated here that Mr Brandon of the house of Grimwood, was the master mind behind the whole operation. He attacked the Princess when he was caught and attempted to clean every trace of his involvement and escape," Gerald explained.

    "What?! How dare he attack a royal? Guards!!"

    One of the guards in the throne room quickly moved forward and bowed before King Bayard. "Your Majesty!"

    "Send for the Prince and the Princess immediately."

    "Yes, Your Majesty."

    He bowed, just as he turned and made for the doors, a voice suddenly called out.

    "Her Highness, Princess Cyrena requests an audience with His Majesty," The familiar voice said.

    King Bayard gave a nod and the guards pushed open the doors from inside the throne room.

    Standing by the door way, was the beautiful Princess Cyrena, her long peach gown that accentuated her curves made her look like a blossoming flower.

    Majestically, she made her way into the throne room. On getting to the front of the throne, she curtsied with a bow before her father.

    "Greetings, father."

    "Cyrena my jewel," King Bayard said as he stretched forth his hand for her to take. She moved a few steps and placed her hand in her father's. He lightly leaned down and planted a kiss on her fair hand.

    "Come, have your seat. I want to hear all about it. How did you manage? What happened? I heard you were attacked. Are you hurt anywhere?" King Bayard asked as he led her up to sit at his left hand side.

    "Thank you, Your Majesty."

    "Don't be so formal with father. How do you feel?"

    "I am okay father, thanks to the assassin who helped save me."

    "Assassin? Save you? Who's assassin is that? Who sent him?"

    "Father, too much question. I would explain in due time."

    "Very well, sorry to load you with so much questions, my dear."

    "Father, there's nothing to worry about. You were about to send for brother and I, why?"

    "Well, when I heard you got attacked, I couldn't help but summon you two. I needed to know what happened and how you were and Owen... " King Bayard sighed, his expression falling.

    What would he do with his son.

    "Too bad his mother died young, how is he going to survive in the palace. His position is threatened," King Bayard couldn't help thinking that way.

    "What about brother, father?"

    "Well nothing," he turned his gaze to look at the guard he sent on an errand before.

    "What are you still standing there for? Send for Owen," King Bayard ordered.

    "Yes, your Majesty,"the guard replied and scurried away.

    "Now tell me what happened," h said, turning his gaze to his daughter with a smile on his aged face.

    She gazed back at her father before speaking. "Well, I did think something was fishy and decided to investigate about it."

    By and by she rwcountd the story to her father, even downto every tweeny tiny details.


    ~Lorelei's Chambers~

    In the dim lit room, a shadow is seen cast at a corner, all of a sudden the owner of the shadow moved, stepping into from the shadows and into the light.

    Lady Lorelei stood graciously as her towered above the table in a compelling, domineering manner.

    In her hands was a small vile containing a dark bluish liquid. She used her right hand to raise the vile to her line of sight as she looked akeen into it.

    Her gaze sharp, piercing, precise, cold and fierce. Her lips curved up into a wicked smile as a cold glint flashed in her eyes.

    After a while, she dropped her hand and moved towards her magical orb on the large table in the room.

    "Show me the hybrid!" She said in a commanding tone.

    Suddenly, the orb lit up and she peered into it. An image appeared, a girl with sunshine gold hair, she walked casually with a small white cub in her hands. She looked so care free and innocent as she played away.

    Lady Lorelei could clearly see everything happening. Another figure, a boy, the Elf,  moved close to the girl and placed a hand on her shoulders. They spoke to each other and after that continued their journey in haste, with the white beasts with them.

    She couldn't quite hear what they conversed about, but whatever it was, she didn't care. "Enjoy your last days of freedom, HYBRID! They would soon be over."

    "Show me the happenings in the elven foreat, any potential threat."

    With that, she flipped her wrist and another image appeared before her eyes on the orb. It showed a forest, some soldiers and a girl.

    Her brows arched up when she noticed the girl. "What is a girl doing amongst the elven soldiers?" She whispered to herself.

    "I want to see the girl up close," she spoke to her magic orb as though it were a being listening to her every command.

    True to her request, the magic orb expanded, kind of zoomed into the girl's image.

    "Hmmm, she looks familiar."

    As she looked closely at the girl her gaze fell to her neck and she noticed a necklace on the girl's neck. "Where have I seen something similar before?"

    She patted her finger on her chin in a thoughtful manner, the next thing, an image appeared in her head.

    She stood not too far as she watched a boy play freely in a forest, on his neck hung the very same necklace. Within seconds her eyes lit up as her gaze returned to the girl in the orb.

    "That's it, the elven symbol of royalty. Hmm, a princess tailing the hybrid, huh?!"

    Her gaze slightly shifted to the corners of the room, away from the orb a little.

    "King Regin, you old and sly fox. You seat quietly on your throne as though you are not bothered by Isabella's hybrid, where as you have your daughter tailing her for you and you have the whole forest swarming with soldiers.  Do you really want power so much? Or is this still under the guise of revenge and a lost war?"

    With a flick of her wrist, the image chained and returned to the eleven soldiers and the princess running at top speed.

    "And what do you think you are doing? Who allowed you chase after her? Bayard wants her, she's his. We can't have you doing as you please now, can we?"

    She flicked her wrist and the images disappeared. "I think it is high time to pay you a visit."
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