118 Something Is Wrong

    Lady Lorelei corked open the lid of the vial in her hand and emptied the contents in her mouth. She closed her eyes and opened them after some seconds, her lips curved into a dangerous side smile as she felt her insides tingle a little.

    In a matter of seconds, she turned completely invincible. All of a sudden, a portal opened and closed after sometime.



    An invincible person appeared on one of the trees, far away from where the soldier's walked. It disappeared into thin air and appeared later, closer to the soldiers than before.

    Princess Avery turned towards her left and looked up, but didn't see anything. She didn't move from her spot either, she could have sworn she felt someone watching them from that angle.

    Lieutenant Callum saw her distracted self and walked up to her.

    "Princess Avery! Anything the ma..." He asked her but she stopped him from talking further with a wave of her hand.

    "Shh!" She hushed him, then quietly took her bow and drew her arrow from her quilt. She steadied her hand, squinted her emerald green eyes and aimed directly at an open space on the tree branch not too far from where they stood.


    The arrow flew forward and through the open space, till it landed on the tree behind. Her hands involuntarily came down; her gaze not moving an inch away from the spot a she peered deep.

    The wind blew strong, hurling her hair up in her face and disheveling her clothes. She sighed and then, finally turned to look at Lieutenant Callum.

    "Let's catch up, Lieutenant."

    Without saying a word more, he hit the road, running at full speed. He turned and followed after her, matching her speed with his.

    In no distant time, he was side by side with her as they ran at top speed and caught up with the soldiers. Before everyone knew what was happening, she took the lead, running at full force in front of them.

    Her eyes looked distant as she forged ahead; it was obvious she had something on her mind. Lieutenant Callum felt something was wrong and finally gathered up the courage to disturb her train of thoughts as they ran.

    "Your highness," he called out.

    She didn't turn her head to look at him, but replied him irrespectively. "Yes!"

    "What did you see?"

    "Not sure, but someone or something is on our trail."

    "What?" He asked stunned. How come he hadn't noticed?

    True with what they say, the royals have a higher perceptibility and heightened sense than all the other High Elves. He didn't notice the danger lurking behind, but she did.

    "Something I cannot see, something that can disappear and appear at will. An enemy is in our territory," she said more to herself than him.

    "Should we notify His majesty?"

    "No, it could be intercepted and used to their advantage against us."

    "Could it be the hybrid? Perhaps to get us off her trail," he pondered out loud

    "I'm not sure, but if she is, she better pray I do not get my hands on her."

    Her eyes darkened as she said the next phase, "No one plays trick on me."

    The next moment, she moved off course and ran into the forest, leaving the open path. The soldiers followed suit, running after her.


    I appeared on the tree branch and caught sight of the running soldiers and Elven Princess; my gaze trailed them as I watched on.

    All of a sudden, the girl, the Elven Princess, stopped in her tracks and turned her head in my direction. A certain pair of eyes gazed at where I stood on a tree branch, intently.

    One of the soldiers, perhaps a Lieutenant, due to his different outfit, stopped abruptly and walked back to where the Princess stood, he spoke to her but she hushed him.

    I stared right back at the little girl, she could sense me and I knew it. I may have taken away her sense of sight towards me through the invincibility spell, but I guess the potion didn't work well against her heightened senses of perception. A true high elf!

    Slowly, she took out her bow and an arrow, steadied it and squinted. I watched as a young elf thought she could figure me out and catch her prey so easily.

    Her emerald green eyes, was sharp and precise, scratch that, she didn't need to see me to know I was there; it was as though she knew exactly where I was.

    With her eyes not failing, she released her grip on her arrow and it flew directly at me, with a force not from the normal arrow.

    Quickly, I vanished and appeared at a farther distance away, causing a huge gush of wind towards her. I watched as her hair scattered on her face and clothes hurled up by my wind and smiled.

    By the time it was all calm and done, I was gone, out of sight, out of mind, out of feel, out of everything.

    Slowly, she dropped her hand, but still on guard as though I would strike when I haven't even done anything yet.

    "Don't be so eager princess, you would get what is coming for you in due time. Then we would put your power, will and skills to the test."

    She said something to the Lieutenant ad without awaiting his reply continued her running. He followed suit, chasing after her.

    She wasn't just running because she needed to find the hybrid, but also because of me. I was a foes she couldn't see, only perceive, still I evaded her arrow.

    She must have known it was a long lost battle and evaded it, hoping to lose me off their trail.

    After some minutes of running, she changed direction and ran into the trees.

    "Little one, what do you think you are doing?" I chuckled. "It's high time I played this game with you," I said out loud so only the surrounding trees could hear me.

    With that, I disappeared from there and unto another part of the forest to where some wild beasts lurked. I began chanting some spells and soon, the animals rose up from what is was they were doing and looked in my direction.

    Their eyes had a faint red glow in them as the spell took effect. Immediately, like an injured beast, they began growling, ready to attack at any point in time.

    "Sri kiet meu le mah tier, el latieo, attarche elf. Rise wild ones, onward you go and attack the elves."

    They rushed in the direction I pointed and headed for the Elven princess and her troops.

    "Let's see what you are made of, Princess."

    I opened another portal and passed through to a safe distance near the elven Princess. In no time at all, the wild beasts I had enchanted growled and roared. Their sounds could be heard some meters away.


    Princess Avery turned almost instantly, her ears twitched as her gaze fell to her left side. The other soldiers stopped as well as soon as they saw her hand rise up. They all had puzzled look on their faces.


    "Princess," Lieutenant Callum called out.

    "Something is wrong."

    Her brows furrowed as she spoke, her once serene face changed into a calculating one. It was obvious she was angry, someone was toying with her plans and she didn't find it funny.


    They all heard it this time, the growl and roar of the wild beasts.

    "That is the sound of several wide beasts heading in this direction, Princes," Lieutenant Callum couldn't help but voice out.

    "It is strange; there shouldn't be any in this vicinity or heading in this direction. Princess Avery picked the best and safest possible route so far," One of the soldiers said.

    "It must be the hybrid," another soldier chipped in.

    "Don't be hasty to make conclusions soldier," Princess Avery corrected the soldiers, then turned her head to the side, so she could see Lieutenant Callum.

    "It is as I expected, we either have enemies in our territory or perhaps the hybrid is behind this. Nevertheless, we continue on our path. Don't let your guards down."

    Ignoring the noise coming right, they increased their pace and ran faster than before.

    All of a sudden, the noise stopped, no more growling, no sound at all, save for the movement of the branches of the trees.

    Still Princess Avery pursued, not reducing her pace one bit. After a few minutes of running, she stopped again and the soldiers stopped running as well.

    "Something is not right. I can feel it."

    Before they knew what was happening, she took her stance. "It is coming, more like they are coming. They changed course, they are approaching from the front!" she alerted her men.

    Compared to the normal elves, the royal's senses heightened ten times more. So what she could feel, hear or see, they couldn't.

    As soon as she finished speaking, the ground started to quake below them. Stones, trees, debris, all shook under the mighty force of the beasts pounding on the ground.

    "They are here."

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