130 Rash Decisions

    As White-Fire dove down, the barrier crashed with many of the incoming wild birds. It was one hell of a bumpy ride.

    They turned and fell off of White-Fire in the process, but Astrid kept her concentration in tact, there by  keeping the barrier in tact.

    In no distant time, they came crashing down with a loud sound as the barrier broke through trees and hit the ground.


    The ball like barrier thumbled many times, hitting the forest floor four times before scattering and flinging them all out.

    Astrid quickly reached out with her powers and controlled the earth. She created a soft earthen bed where they each landed on, preventing any serious injuries.

    "Urrghh!!" Astrid groaned, she was beat.

    "That was one heck of a ride. Thanks," Jareth complimented.


    She turned and saw White-Fire getting up, she rushed to its side and rubbed its fur.

    "Hey, how are you?"

    "Much better. Thank you for helping me break through that mind control."

    "I wonder who the enchanter is."

    White-Fire cast a glance at Jareth who was going to help the Little White Tiger, then returned its gaze back to Astrid. "It  wasn't an enchantment, it wasn't like the first which made the animals go on a rampage. This was different."

    "How so?"

    "It was a call, controlling our minds in total surrender to do her bidding."

    Astrid and Jareth both turned their heads at once to look at White-Fire. Just now, it had already linked their minds and communicated with them.

    "Not an enchanter? Then what is she? And it's a female this time. What happened to the Elven soldiers?"

    "A she... Mind control, it could only be one person, Jareth murmured.

    "The Elven Princess," White-Fire and Jareth said at once.

    "The Princess?!"

    Things couldn't be getting worse now, could it?


    Princess Avery stopped humming as she gazed up into the sky. A small smile played across her lips as she smirked.

    "You found a way to free your beast, escape the onslaught on wild birds and save everyone. I have got to hand it over to you. You are no ordinary girl, hybrid princess."

    She dropped her hand to her side, this was becoming interesting. It was a game of powers.

    She reached in for her pocket and took out a small green and golden flute. She stared at it with satisfaction as though it was a new found jewel.

    "I would let you know that two can play at this game. You could only enchant six beasts, I on the other hand can control them. Let's see if you can save yourself and fight off my power. Witness the true power of a beast tamer."

    She brought the flute up to her lips and began playing, the tune was serene, sweet, enchanting, melodious and deadly all at the same time.

    It carried the message it wanted to portray to the beasts very well.





    Different sounds arose from the Elven forest as the beasts started answering her call and rushing towards the hybrid princess.

    Satisfied with the reaction, she jumped down from the tree and signaled her men. "Let's go hunting."


    Aelfdene and Cleon stopped in their tracks along with the other soldiers at the sound of humming.

    "What is that?" Aelfdene asked.

    "Not so sure, but it might be the Princess controlling the animals," Cleon replied.

    It was faint, so they ignored it and kept on running. About thirty minutes later they heard the melodious song playing, it spread far and wide in the forest accompanied with growls, roars, screeching sound of animals. They stopped running and scanned their surroundings for any wild beast.

    "This is bad," Cleon spoke up.

    Aelfdene nodded in agreement. "This is definitely the Princess."

    "Has she found the hybrid?"

    "Commander, Sir. We should head fast, whatever it is that is making the princess call on the animals may not be good," the Assistant commander, Harry said from behind them.

    "She could be in danger, Cleon."

    "This is what His Majesty was trying to avoid. Let us hurry," Cleon advised.

    Without further ado, they tripled their speed and ran fast thought the trees, heading for the direction the sound was coming from.

    "Your Highness, please be safe," Aelfdene muttered.

    They couldn't afford to lose another member of the royal family again. It would be a huge blow and loss to the Elves.


    ~Elven Palace~

    King Regin stopped in his tracks, he was strolling the palace grounds when he heard the tune. He turned and headed for the balcony where he could see the forest.

    On his way he sent a guard to call the Crown Prince.

    In a few minutes, Prince Terrence arrived.

    "Father," he called out the moment he got to the balcony.

    He too was disturbed when he heard the sound and rushed there to check what was going on, on his way he met the guard and quickened his steps at the message his father sent.

    "What is Avery doing?" King Regin asked without looking at his son.

    "Father, I am afraid she is in danger. She wouldn't use her flute and control so many animals if there wasn't a great need."

    "She should know better. If anything goes wrong, we could have a stampede."

    "Perhaps she encountered the hybrid and this may be the only way to stop and capture her once and for all."

    "It better be so, for her sake and for ours. I can't have that horde of animals, rampage the forest, who knows what, would happen if they run free and into the land?"

    'Father, she can do it."

    "Avery has never controlled such a large number of animals before. I believe she can, but before acting you think of the consequences. I need you to understand where I am coming from, this is what being a King also requires. You have lives in your hands, you cannot make rash decisions."

    "I understand father."




    The animals' noise could be heard from afar off. From where King Regin stood on the balcony he could feel the vibrations as the ground rumbled under the feet of the wild beasts.

    "It has begun," he said to Prince Terrence.
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