3 After 5 years...

    Beautiful choco garden with lots of candies and poppy trees around🎄.

    Tiya was standing under a small tree full of chocolates and candies. In the blink of an eye, her hands and pockets were filled with all kind of sweets.

    She almost cleared the whole choco garden.

    'Yuuumm it's too tasty!'

    Just as she was about to take a bite of the chocolate 🍫 that was there in her right hand...


    \"Wake up Tiyaaa!  It's already 8:00 am, you are going to be late for your first day at school!\" 🏫

    \"You don't want to get punishment on your first day. Do you?\"

    [Mrs. Aka]Tiya\"s mother, was shouting from the kitchen on the top of her lungs.

    Tiya was not happy to be awakened by her mother when she was about to take a bite of the sweet chocolate.

    She got up from the bed unhappily, half asleep half awake she made her way toward the kitchen where her mother Mrs. Aka was busy preparing her breakfast.

    Mrs. Aka heard her heavy foot as she walks into the kitchen.

    \"Good morning my sweet Tiya! What's with the grumpy look?\"

    \"Nothing!' Tiya mumbled and sat down ready to eat.

    \"Aren't you excited, it's your first day of school?\" Mrs. Aka excitedly reminded Tiya.

    Tiya looks at her mother thinking to herself. 'I would instead go back to sleep so I can eat my chocolate if you must know.'

    However, \"Yes! mother, I'm very excited.\"  Is what she replied

    With that reply, it made one excited mother very happy.
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