4 First day at school ?

    Date: 4.5.20xx

    Venue: AP School

    Time: 9:00 am

    An epic sight to see.  So many sweet sweet little kiddos wearing school uniforms. All of them were holding hands of their parents and all are crying 😢 (yes all of them were crying on the top of their lungs)

    First kid: Mommy noooooo I don't want to go

    Second kid: Dady please take me home

    Another kid: 😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Another one : If you give me a chocolate only then I will enter the school gate

    it was a real mess at the entrance of the school.  loud noise of kiddos who all were crying and their parents who were motivating them to go.

    In between this noisy chaos a beautiful red Ferrari 🚗 with the logo of royal emperor family stops at the school gate.

    All the kids who were crying earlier along with their parents started looking towards the Ferrari.

    An old looking driver came out and opened the back door. firstly came out two body guards 💂 wearing black uniform and a logo of royal family security on their chest. Followed by Mr.  and Mrs Jeff (high and mighty king and queen of country A) along with the prince SAM.

    Just as they step out of the car. A layer of panic flowed through the air. everyone was puzzled.

    Parent1: Oh my god what is happening?

    Parent2: I guess they are king and queen.  I have never seen them in real.

    Parent3. But why are they here???

    With all these kinds of questions in their hearts. the whole atmosphere become silent and every one stand still with their heads down(not even able to breathe properly).

    At the same time they noticed a small cute chubby looking boy in a school uniform is following the queen with a broad smile on his face. The smile was so charismatic that the nervousness in their hearts swept in a minute and everyone started looking at him.

    Oh dear. litl prince is Soooo adorable Could it be that he is going to study with our children in this school???

    Parent2: Oh shut up!!!  how could it be???  How can a prince study with our children (commoners)

    Parent3: Hey I have heard that king wants him to face all the things that a commoner can face.

    Ohhhh...  it's really exciting
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