5 First day at school -2

    Sam entered the school with a big smile on his face. He was very excited to join the school so that he can also act like a normal kid. Alas with such a good luck in hands how can he enjoy the life of a commoner??  😕

    Being a prince his two muscular body guards always accompany him in the school...  (obviously for security reasons)

    but for the comfort of other students they are not allowed to go inside the class.  so for the whole time they stand outside the classroom.

    Inside the classroom:

    Jack: Hey do you know that guy?

    Ronald: Yo buddy,  I heard he is some prince

    Saira: He looks so cute

    Hon: What ever,  he is just a rich spoiled brat who is going to show off his richness to us

    Kate: Ya...  just look at his uniform and his school bag and those shoes. all seems to be of worth few millions.

    seems like it is specially designed for him.

    Oh yeah look at that tag it was designed by corpo (the most famous designer of world)

    Huh.....  I am not interested to be friend with such a spoiled Richie.

    Saira: Same here

    (All the other students followed the suit and decided not to talk with prince Sam)

    Jack: (in his mind)  Hahaha now here I got my fish. let's go and bully him.

    Kate: Aren't you afraid of his body guards??

    Jack: Don't worry they will not come in the class and this litl pig seems harmless so come let's have some fun...  😈😈😈
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