7 First meeting 2

    Cute litl girl was holding Sam from back with her two small hands and her eyes were glaring Kate with a warning look.

    That spark in her little star like shiny eyes was so hot that it can even melt the iron

    Kate was astonished to look at the girl.  her pure white skin was clear and flawless like crystal Jade, bright green eyes were shining like stars and her jet black long straight hairs were tied to a ponytail. Her uniform was neat and short skirt was slightly above her knees. She was like a cute little barbie doll having an indescribable aura around her.

    Everyone was surprised to see such a beauty in the class

    In just a second, Firstly Tiya helped Sam to stand straight  then she turned around and grab the color of Kate's shirt with her one hand and with her cute voice she asked, \"Hey kiddo you wanna fight? \"

    Kate: whom you are calling kiddo?? you are a kiddo not me.  I'm a grown up now

    Tiya: Let's decide it with a fight then

    Fight time
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