9 Be my friend 2

    Sam:(No??????  why?

    Why you don't want to be my friend?)

    Tiya:(No means no. I don't like to make friends so just be quite OK)

    Sam: Please be my friend. I swear I will help you.

    Tiya: oh really???  n how are you going to help me?

    Sam: I am good in studies, games, archery, robotics,  physics, music, dance, and all such kind of things...  I will surely be useful(looking at Tiya for acceptance with his cute puppy like eyes)

    Tiya: Noooooooo

    Sam: How about sharing this pack of chocolates????

    (What chocolates... ... here you go boy. everyone who knows Tiya is aware that she can do anything for chocolates.  that's her only weakness)

    Tiya: OK we are bests of the best friends but you have to give me all. I will not share

    Sam(with naughty smile) : sure I will bring 1 for you everyday

    Friendship phase starts
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