10 Happy day

    Mommy I'm back

    Just as Mrs Jeff - the queen heard those sweet words and looked at the happy and charming face of her beloved prince, all the anxiousness in her mind swept away in a heart beat.

    With her biggest smile she asked, " o my baby!  how was your day?

    Did you missed Mommy? (Hu..  he was away for only four hours)

    What did you learn???

    Did you made friends ??

    Did someone bully you???

    Tell me!  tell me fast...

    Nanny Xi : Madam queen litl master must be tired. let him have some food and then you can ask all these questions

    oh,  yes yes!!!

    Come baby!  I have personally asked chef to prepare your all favourite dishes.

    Dotingly she said, "o my baby is looking so tired and lean"

    (Hahahaha lean in just 4 hours)

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    Prince Sam took shower and get dressed up with the help of Nanny. He was wearing a pink tuxedo and was looking adorable. His cute little hands were holding Nanny's hand as he followed her towards the eating hall.

    The hall was big enough to contain a big table of capacity 200 servings. The whole table was filled with Sam's favourite dishes.
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