17 Grand mothers present 4

    After some time a very big box wrapped with coloured papers was bought inside the banquet and grand mother told Sam to open it.

    Sam looked at the big box which was almost of the same height as of his height so with the help of a small staircase he open the red ribbon 🎀 of the present 🎁.

    When he opened the box a familiar face came out of the box with a small gift pack.

    Familiar face???????

    Ohhhh it's a girl.

    What???  Old queen is really presenting a girl to litl prince ??? isn't it quite inappropriate?

    No no actually the present is in the hands of the girl.

    (Smart move Grand mother....  no one was worried about the girl and they were curiously looking at the gift box in her hand)

    The moment Sam saw Tiya he felt like dancing. He was so happy that his pearl like teeth remained wide open and his cheeks started blushing in red colour.

    Tiya slowly moved towards Sam and hand over the gift box to him very carefully. While receiving the gift box he asked her in a whispering tone. How did you make it?

    Actually your grand mother came looking for me at my place.

    Sam gave a big hug to grand mother and lovingly told her that this is the best B-Day gift for him.

    But litl prince you still have not seen the gift.

    Huh? Ooo I forgot...  Sam opened the box and it was brand new model of tablet for him. Sam likes new gadgets so the gift was indeed worthy of his praises.
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