22 Time to say good bye 2

    Sam was unaware that Tiya has not opted for high school A in her preferences as she has filled the form online through home. He was really curious to know why she did that?

    He was mumbling to himself and didn't notice that Tiya was standing by his side. Tiya hit him hard on his shoulder and asked him with a teasing tone.

    Tiya: O my cute little prince what are you thinking now?  Aren't you happy that now finally you will get rid of me after ten long years.

    Sam: Tiya you idiot stop messing with me and tell me why did you do that???

    Tiya: What????  Didn't I told you earlier that I am bored to death by looking these two body guards of yours. so just for a change.

    Sam: Are you going to tell me the truth or not????

    Tiya: Are you coming to home with me or not???  Mom has prepared your favourite rosted chicken 🐔

    (Sam loves to eat at Tiya's place as her mother is very good cook and he felt warmth in their sweet little house)

    Sam gritted his teeth and followed Tiya to her house in his newly purchased Royal Race car along with his two body guards.
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