24 Thank you

    Mrs. Aka: Why you want to fight now???

    Tiya started warming up while Sam was putting his head gear and boxing gloves. Without any warning Tiya hit him hard on his stomach.

    Sam got up and before she could hit him again. The door was pushed open and Sam's body guard came inside, hurriedly making his way towards Tiya.

    Tiya paused for a moment and just as she was about to say something body guard took out a packet from his pocket and handed it to Tiya.

    Tiya felt odd but still receive the packet and from the corner of her eyes she saw a smirk of smile on Sam's face.

    Tiya: You better not do anything behind the scenes OK

    Sam: Whats wrong with your brain?  I have not done anything.

    Mrs. Aka: Calm down Tiya. Firstly open the packet and see whats inside.

    Tiya opened the packet and took out a letter from inside. Just by looking at the letter she started yelling.

    O my god!  o my god!!!  I can't believe it...  She started jumping with joy and gave a big hug to her mother.

    Mrs. Aka: Silly child,  stop being so noisy and show me the letter.

    Mrs. Aka started reading it and was happy to know that Tiya has got full scholarship from high school A because of her high academic grades.

    (Tiya's only source of income is the fast food restaurant that is manged by her mother.  Her father works overseas and he comes home once in a while.)

    Sam knows about her financial situation and he guessed it right that this was the only reason why she didn't apply for high school A as the fee structure of that school is quiet high

    Before coming to their house he already ordered his guards to do the needful and manage everything properly.

    Tiya was happy about getting scholarship and Sam was happy by just looking at her happy face.

    Mrs.  Aka was quietly noticing everything and in a low tone she said Thank you Sam.

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    Sam: 😊
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