25 Sams future

    Inside the emperor's private room.

    Mr.  Jeff the King was sitting on his royal chair made of gold with an expressionless straight face,  where as Madam queen was sobbing painfully her expressions were dark and colour was drained out of her face.

    Madam queen: He is our only son. He is the only heir of this whole empire, Do we really need to be so heartless????

    Emperor: I know about your concern but this is mandatory, My grandparents, parents and even I have faced the same thing and now he has to go through the same.

    Please don't be sad dear.  I know he is capable and indeed he is worthy enough to earn this emperor's crown for himself.

    Sam entered the room and respectfully bowed towards his parents. His eyes were shining like stars as he was holding his high school qualifying certificate in his hands.

    Madam queen wiped off her tears and gave him a big hug to congratulate him and his father just warned him with a threatening look on his face

    Young boy you know what you are supposed to do after this. You better don't disappoint us. All the very best for your glorious future.

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    With these words of wisdom from his parents, Sam moved out of the room with a hope of determination in his eyes.

    Actually the emperor's crown is not easy to get. A person has to prove himself and has to pass a series of hurdles to prove himself as the best candidate.

    it's unfortunate for Sam because the other candidate Joe who is his elder cousin from his second uncle's family is already there in the high school as his senior.
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