27 Shopping Time

    At the shopping center:

    Mrs. Aka and Tiya decided to purchase some necessary items from the shopping center.

    While they were going around through different sections of the shopping center, Mrs. Aka started putting various things in the cart.

    When Tiya asked what were all those items for, she gives her various excuses.

    "This is your favorite snacks; you need this.  What if you want to eat something at night."

    Tiya picked up the mosquito repellent cream and hold it up for her mother to see. " What about this?"

    "That's if there's mosquito at night."  Mrs. Aka replied concern showing on her face.

    Suddenly, Mrs. Aka remembers more items. "Oh yeah! You need some beauty products and some sanitary napkins."

    "Go and grabs some sanitary napkins, some toiletries, personal care, and lastly pick some health care product as well.

    Tiya was not very fond of shopping, so she was following along with her mother, but after seeing the shopping cart in the end, she started laughing at her mother's childish reaction.

    "Mom, it looks like you had purchased one of everything in the shopping center."

    After some time they both were tired from shopping and decided to take a break. Tiya and Mrs. Aka went to the nearest fast food restaurant and grabbed a plate of barbeque chicken wings.

    They only started eating when Tiya saw some familiar faces coming towards them.

    It was Saira, Kate, Jack, Ronald, and all others.

    They all greeted Mrs. Aka respectfully and then turned towards Tiya.

    Saira asked a question. " Hey, Tiya I heard you got a scholarship from high school A."

    "Congratulations dear, we all are very happy for you," Kate said with a smile on her face.

    " You know High school A has started giving scholarship this year only. Saira informed Tiya.

    Ron interjected, "True and my cousin who is already studying there told me that you are the first and only student who got a full scholarship in high school A."

    Tiya already knows that she got a scholarship because of Sam, but by listening to their words she started feeling uneasy.
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