31 Room mates

    Carrying her bag pack Tiya slowly made her way towards her roomp. On the way she suddenly bumped into a group of seniors who were actually waiting for a prey to entertain them.

    The moment they saw a cute looking adorable beauty comming towards them, they made a plan to bully her.

    One of the senior came forward and told her that as a rule of this hostel if she wants to go to her room then she has to perform a dance and only if they find it interesting then she will be allowed to go.

    Tiya didn't disappoint them,  she quickly put her bag down. One of the senior played music on their tablet and with the beats, Tiya started her dance. She was wearing high heels so her every move was looking very very attractive. She was looking like a deity descended from heaven.

    The moment she stopped her dance,  everyone was looking at her surprisingly. One of the senior came forward and said, "You are beautifully talented. High school A surely knows how to grab talented people. I am sure we will have a great time with each other. Welcome to our team.

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    In the boys hostel

    Things were not as smooth for Sam as in case of Tiya, his seniors asked him to do hundred push ups without wearing anything.  He was only wearing his boxers and was about to collapse when he finished the hundredth push up.

    Sam was sweating profusely, after finishing his push ups, without betting an eye he ran as fast as he can towards his room.
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