34 All time favorite Noodles

    Ruby's brightly lit up face become dull and she said "Oh it's already late and there are strict mess timings here, even I am feeling very hungry but can't do anything. We have to wait till morning"

    "What???  how are we going to sleep with empty tummy? Well I guess I have a solution. "

    Tiya picked up her bag and pulled out a packet of Maggie (instant noodles).

    Ruby felt happy to see the packet of Maggie but she asked, "how are we going to eat this? "

    Tiya with a mischievous smile on her face winked at her and then pulled out a small thermal flask from the bag.

    "oh my god!!!!  You know na these kind of items are not allowed here? It's written on the rule book also. "

    "Don't worry, it's already mid night who is going to come here? " Tiya explained as a matter of fact.

    It took only two minutes and delicious Maggie was ready for both of them. Tiya served it hot and Ruby grabbed two forks 🍴, just as they were about to eat, there was a loud knock on the door.

    knock.... knock... knock...  Open the door!!!  I said open the door fastly.

    "What the heck!  it's our warden....  How she got to know? We are dead now.  She will eat us alive. what to do? what to do? " Ruby was jumping like a mad sheep in the whole room.

    Where as Tiya hurriedly put the flask and plates under the bed and opened the door acting sleepy. She yawned and asked, "What's wrong Mrs.  warden?  Is there anything I can help you with?"

    Warden came inside and checked each and every corner of the room but didn't get anything, she moved around and before leaving she warned," Follow all the rules in the rule book OK. "

    "OK Mrs.  warden. " they both said in unison.

    just when Mrs. Warden left the room they both let a sigh of relief and took out their plates from under the bed.

    Knock.. knock..  again someone knocked the door. Tiya opened it again and found that Michael,  Danie, Chancy and Jamie were standing.

    Michael said we puppy eyes, "We know you people are eating Maggie, we also want some.  pleaseeeeeeee. "

    Tiya smiled and nodded

    Then they all enjoyed the whole night with Maggie and non stop gossips.
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