35 Boyfriend????

    Tiya and Ruby along with other girls were enjoying Maggie when suddenly there was a loud noise of thudddd.

    Every one looked towards window and saw a young, smart and dashing boy standing at the balcony of the boys hostel and was looking at Tiya in anger.

    He then threw another stone wrapped in a paper.

    Tiya picked it up and saw that something was written on that.

    "Stupid girl you are enjoying there and here I am starving alone. Do something."

    Tiya smiled when she read what was written on the paper, then hurriedly picked a few packets of snacks and threw them out to his room.

    When Tiya looked back,  she started laughing from what she saw.  All the girls were enviously looking towards her and their expressions clearly showed that they want to ask her something.

    "What????  Why you people are looking at me like this????? "

    Michael was the first one to break the ice as she screamed like she has seen a ghost, "Oh my gosh he is so handsome."

    Chancy followed,"Is he your boyfriend????? "

    All the girls started staring at Tiya.

    Tiya couldn't hold it any longer, she started laughing loudly. Her laughter was loud enough for Sam to hear but he acted dumb and focused on his snacks.

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    Tiya on the other hand rolled on the floor holding her tummy. Her stomach started hurting because of laughing.

    Michael,  Chancy and Jamie scratched their heads and Ruby asked, "was our question that funny? "

    Tiya finally realized that her reaction was way too much so she cleared her teary eyes sat up straight and said, "Ohhhh he is my child hood friend,  not my boyfriend and he is still single ready to get mingle with some one."

    (Obviously Tiya can't reveal his true identity of a prince as she doesn't want to make things difficult for him. )

    Michael was really excited to know that Sam is not having any girlfriend, so she might have a chance to be with him in the future.
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