36 Mid nigh

    Michael was really excited to know that Sam is not having any girlfriend, so she might have a chance to be with him in the future.


    Sam was busy in filling his tummy with the snacks given by Tiya when someone suddenly open the door. Sam immediately switched to his alert mode and carefully got up to look who is at the door.

    In the next second he was stunned to see that a short heighted boy with spectacle wearing girls outfit and high heels entered the room. He was taking deep breaths and was cursing someone.

    \"These rascals....  They are so inhuman. God will definitely punish them........  blaaa blaaa blaaa.\" He continued his cursing mode when Sam gave him a water bottle. He gulped down the water in a single go and finally felt relaxed.

    \"Hello I am Sam\" Sam introduced himself with a friendly look on his face. \"What happened?  Why are you in such a rush?\"

    \"I am your room mate and my name is Jazz. I was happily comming towards the room when I bumped into a group of seniors who started bullying me,  they said if I have to go to my room then I have to take a round of the whole campus in girls outfit.

    Sam has already predicted this situation but by hearing that from Jazz himself,  he felt horrible.

    Sam suggested him to get a shower first.

    After a bath and changing his clothes, Jazz was looking much better.

    Sam shared the remaining snacks with him and then both of them went to sleep
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