37 Session star

    Early in the morning

    As per the schedule given,  all the students gathered in the play ground in their sports outfits for some warming up activities to start a healthy day.  Some students decided to go to Gym 💪 where as a group of students were interested in doing exercises in the open while a few were doing yoga and meditation.

    Tiya and Sam happily merged with the other students and went on with the flow. Firstly they joined the yoga session and after that they went to the gym. After half an hour of exercise, every one felt energetic and they all become excited to know what other things are going to come.

    A proper induction and orientation programme was scheduled for the first day so that new comers became familiar with the stuff of high school A.

    As per the schedule given there was a small seminar for the students through which they became familiar with the authorities and their mentors, next is an interactive session between juniors and seniors followed by a tour of the whole campus and at the end there was a ballroom party 🎊 .

    The day was good and everything went on smoothly, during the interaction between junior and senior, Sam was hoping to see his cousin but he didn't turn up.

    "Did you found him? " asked Tiya

    "Nope....  I guess he must have changed his identity as well so it's not going to be that easy to find him.  We have to use our secret methods to know him before he will reach us. " suggested by Sam

    They both were busy in their gossips and didn't realize that a pair of eyes were continuously staring at them.

    During the interaction session all the guys grabbed the opportunity to invite girls to be their partners in the ballroom.

    Sam excused himself to go to the washroom, just as he went out a smart looking boy named Justin approached Tiya and asked her to be his partner in the ballroom.

    Firstly Tiya was shocked to hear such a proposal but then she realized that actually she is not having any partner for the evening event and the one who is asking seems quiet interesting so she didn't think further and accept it.

    When Sam came back, from the corner of his eyes he saw Tiya was happily talking with a senior but from the looks of that senior he can easily guess what was going on his mind.
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