38 Ballroom

    Sam was fuming with anger when he got to know that Tiya has accepted Justin's proposal for the ballroom event but he didn't say anything. Actually even he was not able to think of the reason why he is feeling so irritated.

    In between his thoughts, a sweet voice came from behind "Thinking about something????? "

    It was Michael, she started feeling something special for Sam when she first saw him at the balcony. Now she found him standing alone, how can she miss such an awesome chance to get close to him?

    Very elegantly she moved and asked,"I wonder if you already got a dance partner for the night? "

    "Not yet!!!!  Would you like to accompany me tonight???? " Sam asked with a faint smile on his face.

    Michael's face lit up like a bulb 💡 as she immediately accepted the proposal with a happy face.

    Michael was a beauty in herself, she is having a dark complexion but her features are very fine with red rosy lips and pointed nose, with deep dark black eyes and long brown hairs  she gave a perfect look.

    Sam didn't bother who is going to be his partner as long as it is anyone else Tiya.

    Jazz also found a cute short heighted girl wearing specs like him and asked her for the night, he was lucky enough as Jammie accepted without any hick.

    Ruby on the other hand decided not to join the ballroom event as she was not feeling well so she decided to rest in her room.

    After a full tour of the whole campus, all of them happily said Byeeeee to each other and got some time to get some beauty sleep so that they can look fresh at the ballroom.

    After a short nap session, all the girls started dressing up. There were beauty products lying on the whole dressing table,  even the study table was full of hair dryer, straightener and other such products.

    Ruby forgot about her illness as she was helping others to do their make up and hair styles.

    Everyone was in a rush when Tiya came from the washroom.  she was wearing a black coloured mini dress that was slightly above her knees showing her long legs and her v shaped neck line was perfectly showing her collar bone, giving her a perfectly sexy look. Her hairs were tied in a ponytail and she was not wearing any makeup on her face expect for her red lipstick.

    Every one was stunned to see her like this, girls were finding it hard not to look at her. Who knows what will happen to boys???????
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